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Bodet Time's Lockdown Alert System

Protect people in an emergency with a reliable lockdown alert system

Our flexible lockdown alert system allows you to broadcast a fully tailored lockdown alert across your whole premises with a single touch of a button. When used as part of your emergency response policy, our lockdown alert system will help ensure that everyone you are responsible for knows precisely how to respond and what to do during an emergency.

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Why do schools need a lockdown alert system?

Schools and educational establishments are required to cover all foreseeable major incidents that place staff, students and other school premises users at risk. Due to the random nature of unexpected emergency events, there is little that can be done to prevent them.

School emergency plans must outline actions to be taken during a major incident to help save lives and minimise risk. The emergency plan must be part of the educational establishment's risk assessment.

Lockdowns can be triggered by several emergency events, including:

  • Bomb threats
  • Electrical faults
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Fire breakout
  • Flooding
  • Gas leaks
  • Intruders on school property
  • Medical emergencies
  • Violence in schools

It is essential that all staff and students, with the exception of reception-age children, must be able to recognise school emergency alarm signals and understand how to react. It can lead to a tremendous amount of confusion should a school rely on using the same bell system to notify of class changes as well as emergency events.

The government also recommends that schools operate a distinctly different lockdown alarm to prevent issues such as school children streaming out of classrooms to gather at fire assembly points when an intruder is on the premises.

Bodet Time offers the Melodys Lockdown Pack, which is designed for primary schools and smaller educational facilities, as an off-the-shelf Lockdown Alert Solution. It is easy to configure and consists of an internal sounder, an external sounder, and a four-button control panel to trigger lockdown alerts.

wireless remote control

Wireless Remote Control

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Harmonys Notify

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GSM Control Box

Why do businesses and other facilities need lockdown alert systems?

Anyone with responsibilities for the protection of people within a business or organisation from a range of risks must have a range of detailed health, safety and emergency policies in place. This includes emergency events such as threats from intruders that call for an 'invacuation' or lockdown of the premises to protect staff, contractors and visitors from risk.

The government recommend that businesses and organisations have an Emergency Response Plan that uses 'deter, detect, delay' principles. This aims to minimise the risk of injuries and fatalities during an emergency event. This plan should include evacuation and invacuation lockdown procedures where you decide on the appropriate response for your occupants.

Emergency events which could trigger a full or partial lockdown:

  • Dangerous animal roaming loose
  • Incident or disturbance in the local community
  • Intruders on site or in the vicinity with the potential to pose a risk
  • Major fire in the vicinity
  • Warning of air pollution or chemical spill

If the threat or risk is external, you may decide it would be safer for your occupants to stay indoors, effectively calling for an invacuation or lockdown of your premises. Having a clear and separate lockdown alert system will enable your staff, contractors and any visitors on your premises to follow correct procedures and avoid any confusion that could lead to them putting themselves at risk.


Bodet Time's Dynamic Lockdown Solution

Bodet Time has created a Dynamic Lockdown Solution which broadcasts a unique emergency lockdown alert. The system contains a combination of trigger methods such as a wired multi-button control panel, wireless remote control, GSM signal or mobile/PC application which can broadcast emergency alerts, such as a lockdown, evacuation and panic alarm.

In an emergency, our Dynamic Lockdown Solution enables specific alarms to be broadcast across your entire site, regardless of whether you have a multiple-floor building or a number of stand-alone buildings across a site. This way, everyone knows what is happening and what action to take.

You can broadcast a unique lockdown alert, separate from your fire alarm, class changeover bells, shift change alerts etc. Depending on your needs, you can also choose the most appropriate triggering method for your system – wired or remote, or a combination of both.

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Flexible options

If your alert system is in need of an upgrade or complete overhaul, it is worth considering incorporating Bodet Time's Lockdown Alert Solution with our Harmonys, a 5-in-1 Bell System. Our Harmonys system includes Class Changeover or Shift Change alerts, Synchronised Clock, PA, music, and radio streaming functionality.

Contact our team at Bodet Time to find out more about our dynamic lockdown solutions for your premises.

Hear from our customers

Djanogly City Academy

Djanogly City Academy

We used to use the fire alarm to announce class changes and lunch breaks, but the information that can be conveyed is very limited...we needed a more versatile system that would enable us to communicate quickly and clearly to all staff and students what to do should a situation arise that required a lockdown protocol rather than evacuation.

James Amps
Director of Operations

Hook Junior School

Hook Junior School

Being able to broadcast announcements to specific areas and enable communication between the buildings will be very helpful. It will also be very useful for our evacuation and lock down procedures as well as ensuring classes begin and end on time. We like the modern look and feel of the equipment

Eric Muldoon
Site Manager

Noak Bridge School

Noak Bridge Primary School

Within our school we have children with a wide range of needs including assisted hearing so the Trio sounders being multi-sensory means all children will be able to access and respond to the alerts.

Clare Barrett
Deputy Head and Inclusion Manager

What is a lockdown alert system?

A lockdown alert system is an audio or audio/visual communication system used to alert people in a building or an area of a building, including external areas, of an impending or ongoing threat.

Lockdown alert systems are used in places such as schools, businesses, and government buildings. They are designed to help people stay safe during an emergency situation.

Bodet Time's lockdown alert system can be triggered in a number of ways; by push buttons, an app or by remote control.

Where would a lockdown alert system be used?

A Lockdown alert system can be used in any organisation that wants to communicate effectively across its premises.

It is very common for schools to install lockdown alert systems to ensure staff, students and visitors are protected from any kind of threat by broadcasting an alert in real time.

Lockdown alert systems play a key part in a comprehensive safety plan for any building. By notifying people of an impending or ongoing threat, lockdown alert systems help keep people safe and reduce panic.

Why should a school have a lockdown alert system?

Schools should have a lockdown alert system to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors in case of emergencies. With a reliable Boedt alert system in place, everyone can be notified quickly and efficiently, allowing them to take appropriate action to stay safe.

This is important in situations such as aggressive behaviour. Additionally, having a lockdown alert system will provide reassurance for parents and guardians, knowing that their children are attending a school that takes their safety seriously.

Overall, a lockdown alert system is a crucial component of any school's emergency preparedness plan.

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