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Clocks & Clocks Systems

Contemporary and Innovative Digital, Analogue and Master Clocks

Bodet Time has created an extensive range of analogue and digital clocks which are very stylish, extremely accurate and utilise state-of-the- art technology. All our clock systems are designed and manufactured in-house to meet ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards.


A clock for every situation

Bodet Time provide a wide range of stylish analogue and digital clocks that are ideal for use in factories, warehouses, sports and leisure facilities, schools, hospitals and clinics, as well as offices and public areas. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and displays, our clocks enhance the professional environment, help your team keep track of time, maximise efficiency and improve productivity.

All our clocks are available as stand-alone clocks or can be synchronised using a time distribution system.


Analogue or Digital?

The most obvious difference between analogue and digital clocks is their appearance and the way they display time. Analogue clocks have two or three hands that rotate on a numbered dial to reveal the time. Available in a huge variety of styles, their classic, aesthetic appearance can add to the décor of any room or office. Telling the time by an analogue clock has to be learned, so are ideal for schools where the analogue face helps younger children understand the relation between hours minutes and seconds as well as the concept of half and quarter hours.

Digital clocks have a sleeker and more contemporary appearance. The electronic display shows the time in numerical format which is highly accurate. Illuminated digits and backlit screens assist reading even in low lighting conditions. They can also be more versatile incorporating additional information such as date and temperature.

Analogue clocks

Analogue clocks

Profil analogue clocks are widely used in schools, hospitals factories and offices. Available with wall, mast or ceiling mounts, single or double face, Profil clocks are modern and stylish, and available in a range of sizes, case colours and display designs to meet the needs of your organisation.


LCD and LED Digital clocks

LCD and LED Digital clocks

Bodet Time offers a diverse range of digital clocks including LCD indoor, backlit LCD, LED indoor, LED outdoor and large LED outdoor designed to meet every need. Available as multifunctional, multiple time-zone, countdown, our digital clocks are ideal for all environments including offices, manufacturing services, hospitals, operating theatres, financial institutions, sports facilities and transport hubs.


Countdown clocks

Countdown clocks

There are many situations where elapsed time is critical, including surgical operations and medical procedures, sporting events, key manufacturing processes or examinations.

Bodet Time have a range of special LED digital clocks that can either display the time as a normal digital clock or be used as a chronometer or countdown timer or record split times.


What are the practical benefits of Bodet Time's Clocks and Clock Systems?

  • Accurate time is fully synchronised across your whole organisation
  • Workforce efficiency is improved
  • Integrate directly with our synchronised Class Change System
  • Automatic updates minimise maintenance costs
  • Incorporate ability to automatically control other systems such as heating, lighting and access control
  • Simple to set up and easy to use

Why should I use a Synchronised Clock System?

Bodet Time clock systems use a Time Distribution System to control all synchronised slave clocks via a master clock. Other time-dependent systems such as heating, lighting and our Bell System can also be controlled by the clock systems to reduce overhead costs in your organisation.

With a heritage of more than 150 years, the Bodet Time group has developed an enviable global reputation by delivering tailored solutions, excellent customer service and support to over 35,000 satisfied customers. We provide clock systems for a diverse range of sectors, including schools, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, industrial, transport and sports centres. If you would like further information about our synchronised clocks please do not hesitate to contact us.

M&E Consultants and Architects

Product Specification services

We regularly work with Architects and M&E consultants providing a free specification service. When you are writing a specification or designing a system for clocks or clock systems we can provide full technical information and support. Request further information about our specification service.


Bodet Time - Clock Systems

How it works

Bodet Time Clock Systems can be synchronised using either GPS or Radio signals. This guarantees that the time signal sent from the master clock to the slave clocks is always accurate. The changeover between GMT and BST is automatic, saving maintenance costs.

The distribution of time signals sent to the slave clocks can be achieved in different ways:

  • Wired Clock Systems: use either a dedicated cable (Impulse, Afnor / Irig B) or an ethernet network system (NTP).
  • Wireless Clock Systems: use a DHF radio, GPS or Galileo signal which is transmitted across your premises. Large and multi-premises organisations can incorporate signal repeaters to ensure full compliance.

Bodet Time products are 92% recyclable. Limiting our impact on the environment is part of our ethos so we constantly developing our products to meet global challenges.

What is a clock system?

A Bodet Time clock system enables all Bodet Time clocks on the same premises to be synchronised. This is achieved via a Bodet Time masterclock.The synchronisation of clocks ensures that organisations can run on time. This is particularly helpful in the educational, health, healthcare, and logistics environment.

Bodet Time offers several types of Clock Systems. With every clock and networked device across your organisation displaying exactly the same accurate time, you increase efficiency. The automatic Summer / Winter changeover also means a reduction in maintenance costs. Choose From Wired Clock Systems & Wireless Clock Systems And Time Servers to suit your needs.

How many types of time clocks are there?

There are different types of time clocks, including manual time clocks, digital time clocks, and software time clocks. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Analogue time clocks:
    These are the most popular type of time clock used to track time. They are typically very affordable and easy to use. Bodet Time offers a range of analogue faces and movements. Movements enable the clocks to either move on minute by minute or by providing a sweeping second hand.
  • Digital time clocks:
    Using digital displays to show time. They can be programmed with different settings, such as shift times, breaks, and overtime.

Hear from our customers

Leisure Furniture Company

Leisure furnishings

We now get more production time. People know when it is time to go rather than finishing earlier. Everything is done in a more controlled manner and everybody works a full day. It is a very good system.

Marc Aaron Cotton
Commercial Director

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