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Bodet Time's Class Change System: The Key to Keeping Your School Running Smoothly

Improve communication and ensure safety in school infrastructures with Bodet Time class change systems

A class change system can automate the process of notifying students and staff of upcoming class changes. This can reduce disruption, improve timekeeping, boost student learning, and create a safer environment for staff and students.

In addition to automating class change these systems can broadcast emergency alerts, send messages to students, staff and visitors, and also control other systems such as lighting and heating. This makes it a valuable tool for improving communication and safety, boosting school efficiency.

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What are the benefits of choosing Bodet Time's Class Change System?

Overall, Bodet Time's Class Change System offers several benefits that can help schools to run more efficiently and effectively. By automating class changes and creating personalised announcements, the system can keep students and staff on time, maximising the classroom opportunity and improving student performance.

The individual benefits of our class change system are manifold. They include:

  • Automatic and synchronised class change alerts ensure that students and staff know when to change classes, which helps to keep the school running on time and prevents tardiness.
  • Different zones can be created with specific alert times, melodies, or recorded announcements. This allow more flexibility and customisation and can be helpful for schools with large sites or multiple buildings.
  • Personalised announcements can be created for special events such as wet breaks, evacuations, and lockdowns. This help students and staff to understand the essential information and how to respond.
  • Messages can be announced via microphone over the whole site or to specific zones. Allowing targeted communication, such as reporting a fire drill in one school wing. The Harmonys Talk smartphone app can also be used to make announcements, a convenient option for staff on the go.
  • Class Change alerts can be cancelled automatically during school holidays, which helps to prevent unnecessary noise and disruption.
  • The ability to link synchronised clocks ensures that all clocks in the school are set to the same time, which is essential for maintaining accuracy and preventing confusion.
  • Utility services such as heating and lighting can be controlled, which can help to save energy and money.



Bodet Time Class Change System Options

We offer two types of bell systems: Harmonys and Melodys. The Harmonys Bell system runs across your IT network using Power Over Ethernet (PoE), which means it can be powered and controlled using your existing network infrastructure, making it a very convenient and easy-to-use system.

Harmonys range

The Melodys bell system is a wireless solution, meaning no cabling is required between the speakers and the control unit. This is a very easy-to-install system, and is a good option for schools that do not have a wired network infrastructure.

A Breakdown of the Harmonys system

The Harmonys bell system also offers a unique, customisable lockdown or panic alarm alert. Alerts can be differentiated from other broadcast alerts, such as evacuations, fire alarms, or daily events. Allowing for clear communication helps improve the safety of both pupils and staff.

The system can be triggered in various ways, including using a wired multi-button control panel, a wireless remote control, a GSM signal, or the Harmonys Notify PC and smartphone app, offering great flexibility and allowing you to choose the triggering method that best suits your needs.

This bell system also connects to an induction loop with Harmonys Line, and Harmonys Trio/Flash units feature a visual alert indicator. This makes the system ideal for use in schools with pupils who are hard of hearing or working in loud environments. The vast customisation options make Harmonys an excellent choice for all sensory requirements.

A Breakdown of the Melodys System

Bodet Time's Melodys Wireless DHF Class Change System is a powerful and versatile system that can improve school communication, safety, and efficiency. The wireless system can be easily installed and integrated with your existing infrastructure.

The Melodys system also offers a choice of preloaded or customisable recordings. You choose the sounds used for class changes, alerts, and announcements. You can create recordings to welcome students to school or announce special events.

In addition to class change alerts, the Melodys system can control other systems, such as lighting and heating. You can use the system to automate your school's environment, saving energy and money.

The Melodys system offers precise timing, ensuring that class changes and alerts are delivered on time. The system can also synchronise with Bodet Time clocks, ensuring that all clocks in the school are set simultaneously

Finally, the Melodys system can be a wall, ceiling, or externally mounted, making it easy to install in any location. The system is also weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor use.

Hear from our customers

Djanogly Academy, St Francis Primary School and Blossom House School enhance punctuality and increase learning time in their school using Bodet Time's School Bell System:

Djanogly City Academy

Djanogly City Academy

Class changes are smooth and efficient and the corridors are empty by the time the music stops. The sense of urgency it instils has dramatically improved punctuality and avoids staff/student confrontation in the corridors, which has resulted in much better behaviour throughout the school.

James Amps
Director of Operations

St Francis C of E Primary School

St Francis C of E Primary School

The zoning facility is a real benefit to us. It means that we can make general announcements to the whole school, or we can send specific melodies or announcements just to the KS1 or the KS2 pupils. Each of the children and staff in the groups recognise their own sounds, so they know it applies to them, and it works very well.

Gabby Clark
School Business Manager

Blossom House School

Blossom House School

We looked at several class change systems but decided that the versatility of Bodet Harmonys system means we can choose from a range of melodies or use the microphone to record our own announcements.

James Stavert
Director of Operations

Customer References

Caterham School - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems
University College of London - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems
University of Hertfordshire - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems
St. George's Academy - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems

What are the benefits of a class change system?

The Harmony and Melodys class change systems offer several features that can help improve your school's safety and efficiency. They are both easy to use and install, and they offer a variety of triggering methods.

If you are looking for a bell system that can help to keep your school safe and running smoothly, then Bodet’s Harmonys and Melodys are an excellent options. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to discuss your needs. We are here to help!

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