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Ensure Scheduled Sessions Run On Time In Your Sports Centre With Synchronised Clocks And Audio Alerts

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Benefits of Bodet Time's Clock and Bell Systems for Sports Centres

The main challenge that sport centres encounter is ensuring that sport events and classes run on time across what can be a large site. Synchronised Clock Systems and Bell Systems ensure that sports courts are available at the right time, in addition to giving you the ability to communicate with everyone across your premises.

The benefits of Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock and Bell Systems for Sports Centres are as follows:

  • Synchronise time across the entire centre.
  • Help customers to arrive at their classes on time.
  • Save money through reduction of costly maintenance with automatic Summer / Winter changeover and installation without the cost of installing cable or additional power supplies.
  • Increase communication with the ability to broadcast scheduled pre-recorded alerts and live announcements across your premises.
  • Choice of clock models with options including digital, analogue, wired and wireless, interior/exterior and varying view distances.

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A range of clocks with accurate time

A range of clocks with accurate time

We have a full range of clock models to fit your requirements, such as wireless outdoor clocks for exterior sports grounds, analogue clocks for your reception area or large digital clocks for interior courts. We will work with you to provide a solution tailored to your specific requirements, and since our clocks are manufactured to order, you can select options to fit in with your design aesthetic.

Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System allows you to accurately synchronise time with a master clock. This ensures that all clocks show exactly the same correct time, reducing confusion and allowing all your sports events and sessions to begin exactly when they should.

Increase Communication

Increase Communication

Whether it’s reminding visitors about events, the next booking slot for sports courts, emergency alerts or streaming music, communicating to your visitors improves the quality of their visit and increases safety.

Bodet Time's Audio Alert Systems allow you to broadcast scheduled pre-recorded or live messages across your premises, in addition to triggering emergency alerts and streaming audio. By combining software and audio sounders, you have full control over when and what you broadcast with an IP/PoE solution that operates over your existing network.

Reduce costs and save money

Reduce costs and save money

Sports centres often have multiple clocks spread over many different rooms, sports halls, buildings and even exterior areas. When it comes to manually having to change each individual clock for the Spring / Autumn changeover, this can be a time-consuming task since they are usually mounted in high areas requiring access equipment to reach. Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System lowers costs by automating this whole process for you.

In addition to reducing maintenance, our Clock Systems also give you the ability to control utility services across your premises, such as heating and lighting, scheduling them only when your sports centre is open.


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Windsor Leisure Centre

Windsor Leisure Centre
Sport centres

Since the installation of Bodet Time's Clock System the sports hall runs more efficiently for court changes and there are no longer any timing disputes. The Clock System has run for nearly 4 years without any faults. There is longevity with Bodet Time's equipment.

Simon Baker
Manager at Windsor Leisure Centre

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