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Improve Efficiency And Communication With Synchronised Clock And Bell Systems

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Benefits of Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock & Bell Systems for the Public Sector

With government spending under close scrutiny, cost-effectiveness is critical in the public sector. Ensuring your whole organisation is running to the same, correct time increases efficiency and punctuality, providing the means to coordinate activities throughout numerous buildings. It’s also important to synchronise time via a method that maintains a high level of network security.

Due to the increase of events resulting in organisations going into lockdown, it’s also crucial that you have the ability to communicate not just with your staff, but also any visitors on your premises. This ensures everyone knows exactly how to react in an emergency situation.

The benefits of Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock and Bell Systems for the Public Sector are as follows:

  • Demonstrate accountability to the public by improving productivity and efficiency.
  • Increase communication and safety with the ability to broadcast unique emergency alerts in addition to scheduled and live announcements.
  • Improve continuity by synchronising wall clocks with computer clocks and providing time-tracking accuracy.
  • Enhance network security through the use of a local time server.
  • Reduce maintenance costs through automatic Summer / Winter clock changeover.

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Bodet Time's CLOCK RANGE for Public Sector

Increase productivity and security

Even just a few minutes of lost time every day consolidates into hours of unproductive time across a year. Synchronising time also eliminates confusion and allows any meetings you have internally or with members of the public to occur punctually. Bodet Time’s Synchronised Clock Systems distribute accurate, synchronised time across your organisation, displayed through a range of digital and analogue clocks to suit your requirements.

Should your organisation host personal data from members of the public, network security will be a major concern. Utilising public time servers for time synchronisation requires opening a port on your firewall, creating a network vulnerability which can be exploited, increasing the risk of cyber attacks. Bodet Time’s Netsilon Time Server is a local time server which sits within your network. It offers a secure, reliable and highly accurate method of synchronising time across connected devices, such as clocks, CCTV, access control and other hardware.

Harmonys Bell System - Public Sector

Improve safety and communication

Your organisation is responsible for the safety of your staff and visitors. Unfortunately, recent events mean that it is even more necessary than ever to have a method of communicating emergency alerts across your premises. Our Harmonys Bell System provides that function using sounders combined with a range of wired and wireless trigger methods to instantly broadcast unique alerts such as lockdown or evacuation. Through its combination of software and hardware, it also enables you to broadcast scheduled pre-recorded and live messages, in addition to streaming music. Our solution is IP/PoE based, simplifying installation and allowing you to use your existing network infrastructure.

Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System

Save money and reduce costs

Clocks can often be spread over multiple floors and even different buildings within your organisation. This in combination with them usually being mounted in high, hard-to-reach areas makes the Summer / Winter changeover a lengthy maintenance task. Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock Systems automate this process, saving you time and money. They can also reduce costs further through the control of your utility services, such as heating and lighting, scheduling them for use only when staff are present.

Bodet Time's Harmonys Bell System is multi-function, and can feature emergency audio alerts, scheduled broadcasts, PA functionality and music streaming. This combination system is far more cost efficient than purchasing separate solutions, and as an IP/PoE system, offers reduced infrastructure costs by operating across your existing IT network.


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