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Bell Systems, Class change & PA Systems

Ensure Your Organisation Runs on Time and Is Kept Informed with Bodet Time's Synchronised Bell, PA & Class Change Systems

Bodet Time's Synchronised Bell, Class Change, PA and Lockdown Alert Systems are used by thousands of organisations across a range of sectors such as education, manufacturing, logistics, banking and healthcare. They offer an innovative and practical approach to ensure your organisation runs on time and is kept safe and informed.


Key Benefits of Bodet Time's Synchronised Bell, Class Change & PA Systems

  • Synchronised bells across your premises with our easy to use software.
  • Create zones with different schedules.
  • Lockdown Alert System as part of our wired Harmonys Bell System, with local and remote triggering methods.
  • Make your own recordings using the microphone or our Harmonys Talk app.
  • Choice of wired, wireless or IP based systems.
  • Ability to link the electric bell system to Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System.
  • Control the timing of other systems such as heating and lighting.

Why use Bodet Time's Bell & Public Address Solutions

We can offer you two types of Bell System. Our Melodys range is a wireless Bell System which means no cabling across equipment. Harmonys is an IP Bell System which runs across your IT network using Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the system and enables users to broadcast a dedicated lockdown alert, as well as live messages. It also provides a connection to an induction loop with Harmonys Line, and additional functionality through mobile and PC applications.

Our Bell Systems have worldwide presence, with customers in France, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Portugal, Vietnam and Egypt.


Harmonys System Hardware Range

Harmonys Trio: A 3-in-1 multifunction sounder with audio, flash and LED display

Harmonys Trio is the latest innovation from Bodet Time, combining all of our audio and time technological expertise in just one unit. This IP/PoE sounder easily integrates with your existing network, providing a range of customisable functions normally requiring multiple products.

  • Audio: broadcasts alerts, live or pre-recorded announcements, melodies and streaming audio
  • Flash: draws attention to any displayed message, can be used for silent alerts or in noisy environments
  • LED display: displays accurate time or fixed/scrolling messages
Harmonys Trio, a complete audio solution
Bell systems

Class Change System for Schools

Enhance punctuality, increase learning time and improve communication in your school using Bodet Time's Class Change, Lockdown Alert and Public Address System tailored for the education sector.

Flexible features include a range of wired and remote trigger methods for alerts, the ability to record and broadcast announcements from smartphones and visual alert indicators for noisy areas.

Bell systems

Bell Solutions for Industry

Synchronised bells alert staff to the start and finishing time of their shifts and breaks. This increases workforce efficiency and improves punctuality. They are often used in factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Bodet Time's Factory Bell Systems solutions can also control any electrical system such as lighting and heating, as well as providing public announcement functions and emergency alerts.


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