Industrial Emergency Alert System

Clear and Concise Mass Communications Systems to protect your workforce

Bodet Time's Industrial Alert System gives you the ability to broadcast a unique emergency alert across your whole premises at the touch of a button. This ensures all staff know exactly how to respond in an emergency situation.

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Why you need an Industrial Emergency Alert System

Industrial facilities and manufacturing plants are often very complex and noisy environments, where health and safety needs to be a primary concern due to the high number of risk factors involved.

Since there are a wide variety of unique emergency situations which can arise, it is vitally important that an Emergency Alarm System is in place to ensure you can communicate clearly and effectively with all your staff. Using a fire alarm or break bell to communicate critical situations can lead to confusion, when your workforce needs complete awareness to react appropriately and minimise risk.

Bodet Time have created an Industrial Emergency Alert System, which is capable of broadcasting unique emergency alerts at the touch of a button, depending on the situation. This Company Communications System can be tailored to the specific requirements of your industrial organisation.

Our experienced sales team will be able to devise an industrial emergency alert solution tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation. To arrange this, or for more information, please contact us.

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Industrial Emergency Alert Hardware Range

Benefits of Bodet Time's Industrial Alert System

  • Broadcast unique emergency alerts, separate to fire alarm and shift change/break.
  • Choice of both wired and remote triggering methods which can broadcast a range of pre-recorded alerts instantly.
  • Ability to create zones, so different messages can be sent to defined areas.
  • Can incorporate Harmonys Trio, a multi-function sounder which features audio alerts, flash indicator and fixed/scrolling messages, allowing for a visual signal to draw attention to any emergency alerts even in noisy environments.
  • Customisable and scalable solution which can feature a mix of indoor and outdoor sounders, and visual alarms for high-noise environments.
  • Can be part of an Industrial Bell System which can synchronise all your factory break bells and clocks, provide music streaming functionality (such as radio stations) and automatically control systems such as heating, lighting and Access Control.
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Methods for triggering emergency alerts

  • Multi-button Control Panel connected to your IT network which can broadcast an emergency alert on button press.
  • Wireless Remote Control, with up to 1km range from receiver connected to master clock (subject to interference), and acknowledgement of receipt upon press.
  • GSM Control Box, with options to trigger alert by phonecall (one alert per control box), and also receive SMS messages to registered numbers upon triggering.
  • Harmonys Notify, an app for smartphones and PCs which acts as a virtual control box to broadcast emergency alerts remotely (smartphones need to be on same VLAN as Harmonys System).

What is an emergency alert system?

An emergency alert system is an effective tool for broadcasting alerts across an organisation's premises.

These systems can be used to notify everyone in the premises about the emergency so they can take the necessary actions to protect themselves.

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