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Accurate Transport Clock Solutions and Time Servers For Railway & Airport Applications

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Benefits of Bodet Time's Clock Systems and Local Time Servers for Transport

The most important feature for people who travel frequently is being on time for their appointments. It is critical for them to have total confidence in time displays in travel hubs. Bodet Time successfully deliver accurate, reliable and secure time via their Transport Clock Systems, displayed on a range of clocks to suit your requirements, including digital, analogue and outdoor clock models.

The benefits of Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock Systems and Time Servers for Transport are as follows:

  • Improve your service by giving accurate time information to passengers.
  • Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronising time throughout all offices and platforms areas.
  • Increase network security and prevent cyber attacks by using a local time server.
  • Choose from a range of digital and analogue clocks to suit your requirements and environment.
  • Reduce costly maintenance (Automatic Summer and Winter changeover).


Bodet Time's CLOCK RANGE for transport

Improve time accuracy with our range of synchronised clocks

As passengers move through your station or airport, it is essential that every visible time display shows the same, correct time. With the volume of inbound and outbound services operating in a typical travel hub, if time isn’t synchronised and precisely accurate, it can create confusion.

Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System allows you to accurately synchronise time using a master clock, across our range of clock models created to suit your requirements. This includes digital time and date display clocks for ticket counters and check in desks, large double-sided analogue clocks with tempered glass faces for concourses, and weatherproof clocks for exterior areas. We work with you to tailor a solution to your specific needs with a range of options to suit your design aesthetic, since all our clocks are manufactured to order.

Time Server Netsilon - Bodet Time

Increase security and reliability

Since random cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, network security is critical to the business operation of the transport industry, especially as vital systems such as passenger information displays and safety controls could operate on the same IT network. Although some organisations use Public Time Servers to receive an external NTP time signal, this creates a vulnerability which can easily be exploited.

Bodet Time’s Netsilon Time Server is a secure, reliable and highly accurate method of synchronising time across devices on your network, such as clocks, passenger information systems, CCTV, access control and other hardware. In addition to improving your network security, its fan-less design limits the risk of hardware failure, and reduces electricity consumption.

Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System

Reduce costs and save money

Stations and airports often have multiple clocks spread over several areas and buildings. This, combined with usually requiring access equipment to reach them, means that the Spring / Autumn clock change is a time-consuming task for maintenance staff. Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System automates this process for you, reducing costs.

Our Clock Systems also give you the ability to control utility services in your premises, such as heating and lighting, scheduling them only when necessary depending on your operating hours.


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Time and attendance for transport
Time and attendance for transport
Time and attendance for transport

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