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Increase Productivity and Time Precision With our Bell Systems and Synchronised Clocks for Logistics Operations

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Benefits of Logistics Bell Systems & Synchronised Clock Solutions

Time precision can be the difference between success and failure for your logistics business. Your customers rely on your efficient performance for the operation of their own businesses, and failure to meet these obligations is not a situation you can afford. Our solutions enable you to synchronise time and events such as shift change to increase time precision and boost productivity across your whole premises, even over large warehouses and multiple buildings. The benefits of our solutions include:

  • Boost productivity by synchronising audio alerts to standardise shifts and breaks.
  • Increase time precision and efficiency by synchronising time throughout all warehouse, office and other building areas.
  • Provide flexibility and control through the use of customised audio alerts, live or pre-recorded broadcasts, scheduling and zoning.
  • Improve safety through customisable fire and emergency messages with a range of wired and mobile trigger methods.
  • Reduce costs through automatic Summer / Winter clock changeover and ability to automatically control building systems such as heating and lighting.

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Harmonys Bell System

Increase time precision and productivity

Considering how critical time precision is to the successful operation of your logistics enterprise, it is vitally important to maintain accurate, synchronised time across your organisation. Ensuring everyone is working to the same schedule increases workforce efficiency, as small daily improvements to punctuality soon add up to large productivity gains.

Our Harmonys Bell System is an IP/PoE solution combining both innovative audio hardware and intuitive PC software. It allows you to schedule audio events, such as shift change and breaks, for simultaneous broadcast throughout your premises. Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock Systems transmit a precise time signal to your choice of clocks, and even devices on your IT network. We provide a wide range of clocks to suit your individual requirements, with options including analogue and digital models, exterior units and varying sizes, ensuring your staff have access to an accurate time display.

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Harmonys Bell System for logistics alerts

Increase communication and safety

Bodet Time's Harmonys Bell System enables you to broadcast a range of audio alerts depending on what the situation requires, in addition to daily events such shift change and break announcements. You can schedule safety reminders for broadcast throughout the day, or make live announcements. Distinct emergency alerts can be triggered at the touch of a button, ensuring all your staff know exactly how to react to any dangerous situation. You can even broadcast streamed music to improve the working environment.

Broadcasts can be controlled directly through our intuitive PC software, and sounders can be zoned, sending audio only to selected areas. Additional control options are offered via multiple smartphone apps. These include Harmonys Notify, allowing you to remotely trigger your alerts, and Harmonys Talk, which provides the ability to record and broadcast messages directly from your smartphone.

Bodet Time's Harmonys IP/PoE Shift Change System for logistics

Reduce costs and save money

Industrial clocks can be spread over large facilities and even across multiple buildings, often mounted in areas not easily accessible. With Synchronised Clock Systems, you ensure that Summer / Winter clock changes are automatic, saving you time and money. Our Shift Change System can also control utility services, such as heating and lighting, scheduling them for use only when required during your operational hours.

Bodet Time's Harmonys IP/PoE Shift Change System is a five-in-one system, which can feature shift change, emergency audio alerts, PA functionality, synchronised clocks and music streaming. Not only is combined functionality far more cost efficient than separate systems, our solution operates across your existing IT network, reducing infrastructure costs too.


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