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Time zone clocks

Multi Time zone Digital clocks customised for your organisation

Display the time of different countries or cities using timezone wall clocks. Choose the design and technology of your World Style Clock to suit the needs of your organisation.


The World Style Clock displays the official time for 3 to 6 cities of your choice in the world

The World Style Clock enhances public or working areas in hotels, trading floors, banks, airports and commercial premises. The design of the international clock will complement most interior decors, with time zones and setting automatically memorised.

timezone clock

  • Display: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue LED.
  • Type: from 3 to 6 time zones.
  • Automatic Winter/Summer changeover.
  • Synchronisation: Independent (quartz), Radio, Afnor, NTP and Wireless DHF.
  • Applications: Reception areas, trading floors, dealer rooms, airports and commercial premises.
  • Note: All Bodet Time World Style clocks can be manufactured to display the city or country zone of your choice. 

A time zone clock is just one option for our Clock Systems. For more information, see our Select a Clock or Clock Solution Overview page.


Time Zone Clock Comparative Chart



Digit height

Viewing distance


Data sheet

3 Cities - Clocks and Clock Systems
3 Cities

5 cm

25 m

L850 x H208 x W113 mm

4 Cities - Clocks and Clock Systems
4 Cities

5 cm

25 m

L1120 x H208 x W113 mm

5 cities - Clocks and Clock Systems
5 cities

5 cm

25 m

L1385 x H208 x W113 mm

HMT 45 Digital Clock - Clocks and Clock Systems
6 cities

5 cm

25 m

L1652 x H208 x W113 mm

LCD World Clock: Cristalys & Opalys Time Zone Clock

Our Opalys and Cristalys clocks are able to display any city or country zone in the world. The name can be programmed on the clock display and the time zone and Summer / Winter changeover are calculated automatically by the world time clock itself.

For more information regarding the international clock itself, please refer to the Cristalys or Opalys sections on the Digital Clock page.

  • LCD Screen with very large angle of vision.
  • Automatic Winter/Summer changeover.
  • Unlimited number of time zones.
  • Synchronisation:  Independent (quartz), Radio, Impulse, Afnor, NTP and Wireless DHF.
  • Power: 230V Mains (Opalys/Cristalys) or Battery (Cristalys).
  • Applications: Reception areas, dealer rooms, airports, the trading floor...


LCD World Clock - Clocks and Clock Systems
LCD World Clock - Clocks and Clock Systems

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Customer References

Barclays - Clocks and Clock Systems
lloyds TSB - Clocks and Clock Systems
Northern Trust - Clocks and Clock Systems
Bank of England - Clocks and Clock Systems

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