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The Bodet Group

The Bodet Group have been leading the market in time measurement products since the 1860s, when clock-maker Paul Bodet first made and marketed his famous Tower clock in France. Over a century of growth, has seen the Group retain its French base and establish five subsidiaries across Europe and expand from clock-making into IT-based Time and Attendance Systems. Today, the Bodet Group exports products and systems to more than 60 countries and is the undisputed European leader in Time Solutions.


Bodet Time Ltd

Launched in 1990, Bodet Time Ltd is the British subsidiary, which markets and supports the solutions manufactured by the Bodet Group:

The Royal Mail, Barclays Bank, Wellcome Trust and the European Parliament, alongside individual public sector institutions such as DVLA and the NHS use our solutions every day.

Bodet Time Ltd markets a wide range of analogue and digital clocks, including calendar and time zone clocks, combining design and technology. We also offer a Wireless Clock System to synchronise your clocks in one or several buildings.

Leaders in Time and Attendance Systems, Bodet Time Ltd’s range of solutions offer Time Recording Solutions suitable for small businesses with simple requirements to large companies working flexi time.

Bodet Offices within the UK

Bodet Time Ltd has a number of offices and partners situated in strategic locations around the UK. 

Bodet United Kingdom - About Bodet

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Bodet in Europe

The Bodet Group is providing time management systems through subsidiaries in 7 countries in Europe including France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands.

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