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Accurate, Reliable Time For Financial Institutions With Our Time Servers and Clock Systems

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Benefits of Bodet Time's Clock Systems for Financial Services

In today’s financial world, transactions occur instantaneously. Whether it’s a trader or a personal banker, events happen in real time. By providing accurate time across synchronised clocks and devices on your IT network, greater regulatory compliance can be gained. It also ensures that all staff are running to the same timetable, ensuring meetings and conference calls take place at the correct time.

The benefits of Bodet Time's Time Servers and Synchronised Clock Systems for Financial Services institutions are as follows:

  • Synchronise all networked devices with a high degree of accuracy for timestamped transactions.
  • Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronising time throughout all offices and building areas.
  • Increase network security and prevent cyber attacks by using a local time server.
  • Save money through reduction of costly maintenance with automatic Summer / Winter changeover and installation without the cost of installing cable or additional power supplies.
  • Display Time Zone clocks.

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Increase accuracy, security and reliability

Increase accuracy, security and reliability

Due to the high volume and critical nature of financial transactions, it is vitally important that you have an extremely accurate time signal across your network to facilitate timestamping. Bodet Time's Netsilon Time Server is manufactured in-house for such a purpose, using its own antenna to receive a time signal and significantly reducing the risk of cyber attacks to avoid major disruption.

Netsilon offers continuous operation, even maintaining accuracy over long periods should the satellite signal be lost. Hardware features such as fan-less design create a far more reliable solution, and one with low power requirements.

Bodet Time's Class Change System and Synchronised Clock System

Choose your clock models including Time Zone Clocks

Bodet Time’s Synchronised Clock System gives you the choice of our expansive clock range with various options so you can choose the most appropriate model for each location.

Many financial institutions conduct international business, and so for this purpose we have customisable Time Zone Clocks displaying your own choice of three to six countries or capital cities. For reception areas, large digital clocks with long read distances allow a clear time display. In corridors, we offer analogue clocks with tempered glass faces and options for double-sided versions which can be read from both sides. Whatever your choice, with all clocks showing exactly the same time, you ensure your staff have access to an accurate time display.

Reduce costs and save money

Reduce costs and save money

Financial institutions often have premises spread over multiple floors. With clocks usually mounted in high, out-of-reach areas requiring access equipment, having to manually change the time across every one for the Spring / Autumn clock change can be a time-consuming task for maintenance staff. Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock System automates this process for you, reducing costs.

Our Clock Systems also give you the ability to control utility services across your premises, such as heating and lighting, scheduling them only when staff are present.


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