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Industrial Bell Systems

Improve workforce efficiency and punctuality in factories and manufacturing plants


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Regulate time, shifts and breaks easily with Bodet Time's Factory Bell System

You pride yourself on the precision of your manufacturing processes and ability to fill large orders at short notice. But if your employees timekeeping is less than perfect, you are leaving a big gap in your quest for continuous improvement. Small pockets of unproductive time soon consolidate into large expanses of inefficiency eating away at business performance, all through a lack of linked factory break buzzers.

Our Factory Bell System, combined with Clock Systems, enable you to synchronise time across all your locations. It also allows you to broadcast a number of unique emergency alerts, such as evacuation.


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Benefits of our Manufacturing and Factory Bell Systems

  • Increased workforce efficiency by synchronising factory bells.
  • Ability to create zones with different break times, announcements and melodies.
  • Customisable fire and emergency messages with range of wired and mobile trigger methods.
  • Ability to link the bell system to one of our Wireless Clock Systems.
  • Reduced maintenance costs through automatic updates such as Summer / Winter change overs.
  • Ability to automatically control other systems such as heating and lighting.
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Broadcast coronavirus safety information to your workforce

As your staff return to your organisation during the coronavirus pandemic, there will be important new safety information you need to communicate to them. However, as this is a return to a familiar environment, there is a danger this information could be forgotten without regular reminders.

In addition to operating as an Industrial Sounder Solution, Bodet Time's Harmonys System provides an effective and intuitive method to communicate critical information throughout the working day using either live or pre-recorded announcements. These can be automatically scheduled, and broadcast across your whole premises or to customisable zones.

A choice of Bell System

Bodet Time can offer you two types of Bell System. Our Harmonys Bell System range runs across your IT network using Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the system and enables users to broadcast live messages. It offers a unique customisable emergency broadcast alert allowing clear communication, improving the safety of your staff. These emergency broadcast alerts can be triggered via a variety of methods, including wireless remote control. GSM signal, smartphone or PC through our Harmonys Notify app or wired multi-button control panel.

Our Melodys Bell System range is a wireless solution which means no cabling across equipment.

Features of our Harmonys IP/POE PA and Factory Bell System

  • IP based system powered over the Ethernet (POE).
  • Broadcasts live messages via a microphone, or record and broadcast announcements using our mobile app, Harmonys Talk.
  • Able to zone the premises.
  • Can incorporate Harmonys Trio, a 3-in-1 combination sounder which features audio broadcasts, visual flash indicator and LED display to show the time or fixed/scrolling messages.
  • 18 pre-installed bells sounds and stores up to 30 MP3s.
  • Wall or ceiling mounted sounders.
  • Able to synchronise with clocks.
  • Precise timing.
  • Lockdown or panic alarm alert capability with mobile and wired trigger methods.

Features of our Melodys Wireless DHF Factory Bell System

  • Create schedules for specific areas of your premises.
  • Choice of preloaded or customisable recordings.
  • Able to control other systems such as lighting and heating.
  • Precise timing.
  • Able to synchronise with clocks.
  • Wall, ceiling and external sounders. 

Hear from our customers

Ford’s engine manufacturing plant increases productivity with new synchronised clock & bell system:



Everything is timed to the second, not just the start and end of shifts, but also the timing of breaks. Every clock on site must show the correct time, and all the alert sounders must be synchronised with them.

Mark Thomas
Engineering Manager

Customer References

Eisai Manufacturing - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems
Phoenix Surgical Instruments - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems
Safety Glass Industries - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems
Chemigraphic Ltd - Bell, Class Change & PA Systems

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