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Accuracy, safety and efficiency with our healthcare clock system solutions

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Benefits of Bodet Time's Clock Systems for Healthcare

The availability of a reliable, accurate and synchronised time display is critically important for medical staff conducting time-sensitive activities. It also enables the efficient operation of clinics and appointments across your healthcare facility.

Bodet Time's Synchronised Clock Systems for Healthcare include the following benefits:

  • Ensure accuracy when performing time-sensitive nursing tasks and precise timing of medical procedures such as operations and anaesthetics.
  • Enable precise recording of events such as births and emergency operations.
  • Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronising time throughout your premises to ensure appointments run on time.
  • Save money through reduction of costly maintenance with automatic Summer / Winter changeover and installation without the cost of cabling or additional power supplies.
  • Increase network security and synchronise time across networked devices.

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Ensure accuracy and safety

In hospitals, time is of the essence. Healthcare facilities rely on the accuracy of clocks to know when to check on patients, examine lab results, and administer medicine. Time-related problems can also lead to liabilities you can't afford to risk, and targets of treatment are harder to monitor.

Bodet Time offer GPS synchronisation, meaning 100% accuracy. Our time distribution system consists of synchronising a network of clocks over one or more buildings using a master clock or time server. For over 40 years, Bodet Time has designed different time distribution systems guaranteeing a display that is reliable, accurate and identical across all your clocks.

Choose the right clock for you

Choose the right clock for you

Bodet Time offer a wide range of clock models to ensure the most appropriate time display for every environment within your hospital.

For operating theatres, we have LED digital countdown clocks with timer control units which can either be used as a chronometer, a countdown clock or a standard digital clock. LCD digital clocks are ideal for patient rooms and wards with low light, easy-to-read displays and silent running designed not to disturb. For halls and corridors, we offer analogue clocks with tempered glass faces and options for double-sided versions which can be read from both sides.

All of our clock models for healthcare are easy to clean and designed to comply with hygiene standards.

Netsilon Time server for healthcare

Increase security and reliability

Cyber attacks are occurring with increasing frequency, and even hospitals and healthcare organisations have been targeted. There is no way to predict these random attacks, but you can ensure your network is as secure as possible. Many organisations currently use Public Time Servers to receive an external NTP time signal, creating a vulnerability which can easily be exploited.

Bodet Time's Netsilon NTP Time Server is a secure, reliable and highly accurate method of synchronising time across devices on your network, such as clocks, CCTV, access control and other hardware. It is especially critical where an electronic timestamp is required, giving you a clear record of when an event took place whilst improving your network security. Its fan-less design limits the risk of hardware failure, and reduces electricity consumption.


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Hear from our customers

Sheffield Northern General Hospital

Sheffield Northern General Hospital

We wanted to install synchronised clocks for our Accident and Emergency department, Bodet Time was our first choice because they offered the best solution to meet our requirements.

Steve Brown
Consultant Surgeon at Sheffield's Northern General Hospital

Birmingham Children's Hospital

Birmingham Children's Hospital

The product selection advice, installation and after-sales service we received was excellent and the clocks will be a great asset to the unit.

Kate Board
Pediatrics Service Manager at Birmingham Children's Hospital

Poole maternity hospital

Poole maternity hospital

The system has led to much more accurate record keeping because all of the clocks are synchronised. The digital clocks also make it very easy to see the time. We will be expanding the system to our new birthing centre in the new year.

Helen Williams
Deputy Head of Midwifery at Poole Hospital


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