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Netsilon Time Server

Synchronise Multiple Devices Over Your Network With Unrivalled Accuracy, Security and Reliability using Bodet Time's Netsilon Time Server

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Bodet Time's Netsilon NTP Time Server

Bodet Time's Netsilon Time Server allows you to synchronise both clocks and additional devices over a network using Network Time Protocol (NTP), so they continuously display highly accurate time.

This makes it ideal for industries where multiple devices (desktop computers, video cameras, access control and clocks) need to use exactly the same precise time. The high degree of accuracy means it can be relied upon in time critical organisations such as Trading Offices, Security Services and Air Traffic Control.


Advantages of Bodet Time's Netsilon NTP Time Server

  • Security: Sits within your firewall so network security is maintained, with options for encryption, authentication and access protocols.
  • Accuracy: Highly accurate time using NTPv4 architecture with multi-source synchronisation (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and IRIG).
  • Reliability: Failsafe measures to ensure continued accuracy should time signal be lost, including Quartz TCXO and peering, and lack of internal fan to prevent hardware failures.


Netsilon Security

How Does Netsilon Work?

The Netsilon Time Server receives a satellite signal such as GPS, and then distributes this signal via your existing network to connected devices with no distance limit. A variety of time synchronisation formats are available for devices which do not have an Ethernet port, such as IRIG, AFNOR, ASCII, 1 PPS and 10MHz.

For simplicity of operation, clocks can be Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) devices. The device is powered from the network jack plug, so no mains power is required. Installation is therefore very straightforward, and the units can be easily moved, making it a very portable system. If your network is not PoE enabled, power adapters are available.

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Dangers of Public Time Servers

Dangers of Public Time Servers

A public time server is a remotely hosted server accessed via an internet connection. These are owned and operated by third parties and made available for public access entirely voluntarily.

There are many issues when relying on Public Time Servers:

  • Requires ports to be opened in your firewall, making your networking vulnerable to viruses and other threats.
  • Third party service outside of your control with no recourse should it go down.
  • Continuous internet connection is required, otherwise time drift will occur immediately.
  • Large number of users can cause congestion which causes accuracy issues.

Diagram of a system synchronised by a Netsilon Time Server


What is a time server?

A time server, also known as a network time server or time synchronisation server, is a device that delivers an exact and analogous time to all the equipment present on an IT network.

Bodet Time's Netsilon Time Server allows you to synchronise both clocks and additional devices over a network using Network Time Protocol (NTP), so they continuously display highly accurate time.

Here are some of the benefits of using a time server:

  • Improved accuracy: A time server can ensure that your computer's clock is accurate within milliseconds, microseconds and even nanoseconds. This is important for applications that require precise timing, such as network synchronisation, financial trading, and scientific research.
  • Increased security: A time server can help to protect your IT Infrastructure from attacks that rely on network open doors such as timekeeping requests.. For example, some types of denial-of-service attacks exploit vulnerabilities in how computers handle time. By using a time server, you can help to protect your computer from these attacks.
  • Reliable timestamping: Providing an accurate time for reliable timestamping of each event that occurs in the network. A time server also has a timestamping feature. This consists in associating each event, information or computer data on an IT network with precise date and time. It ensures the traceability of various information to keep control of it.

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