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Hospitals and other healthcare premises rely enormously on accurate records and timekeeping throughout each department. When it comes to looking after someone's health, all medical charts, reports and timed procedures must remain consistent. To do this, hospitals and other medical facilities require reliable clock systems.

Accurate timekeeping can make all the difference to patients' recovery or health maintenance, especially concerning dispensing lifesaving medications, administering exact dosages, timing anaesthetics during surgical procedures, and more. Should timings not be accurate, it could have serious health outcomes for the patient and legal consequences for the medical team involved in their care.

Bodet Time provide hospital clocks that deliver reliable and accurate time synchronisation across all healthcare departments, leaving hospital management teams with a maintenance-free clock system that automatically updates as the clocks go back and forth each year with the daylight saving schedule. Bodet Time clock systems are not the same as radio-controlled clocks that have proved to be unreliable due the signal not being able to penetrate through the structure of industrial buildings such as hospitals.

What our customers say

We love receiving positive customer testimonials about our range of products. We were pleased when Birmingham Children's Hospital chose to use a Bodet Time synchronised clock system in an extended area of their paediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

The hospital expansion added eleven extra beds to accommodate some of the West Midlands' sickest children. The hospital management team knew they needed a reliable and accurate hospital clock system to take the very best care of the children in their charge. They chose the Bodet Time Cristalys clock range because they are synchronised, with a second hand to aid patient observations and ultra-reliable three-year battery life.

The children's ward needed an efficient clock system with a silent operation to maintain a quiet patient environment. The clock system was recommended by our team at Bodet Time, and the PICU service team manager couldn't be more delighted with the choice, installation and after-care service provided by Time.

Reliability and performance

With Bodet Time's range of hospital clock systems, you can feel confident that all clocks on your walls will show the exact same time as they will be synchronised with our fail-safe network server. We offer GPS synchronisation with our Netsilon Time server, meaning 100% accuracy. Our wireless clock systems operate on a frequency that will not interfere with frequencies used for the equipment used within medical facilities.

We offer a stylish range of digital, dual-face and analogue face clock options to suit your needs. Our hospital clock systems will deliver accurate time that is essential for routine medical tasks such as administering medications, writing medical reports, timing emergency and surgical procedures, and record keeping.

The benefits of Bodet Time's hospital clock systems include:

  • Accurate staff timekeeping and shift changeovers
    Accurate time recording of births, deaths and operations
    Consistent time recording for dispensing medications, emergency procedures and producing medical records
    Control outpatient sessions and visiting times
    Increase network security and synchronise time across networked devices
    Minimise legal exposure
    Reduced errors and timing disputes
    Synchronisation of wall clocks throughout different departments

Explore the Bodet Time hospital clock range

We have clocks that are suitable for every medical environment. For example, we offer LED digital countdown clocks with timer control units that are ideal for operating theatres. Our digital LED clocks can be used as a chronometer, standard digital clock or countdown clock.

For departments with low light levels, we offer LCD digital clocks that make it easy to see the time at a glance. Our LCD digital clocks are ideal for patient wards and rooms where noise and bright lights are kept to a minimum for the comfort of sleeping patients. Our LCD digital clocks are silent and won't disturb patients with a constantly ticking second hand.

An excellent choice of a clock for corridors and hallways would be our traditional style analogue clocks with tempered glass faces. We offer a double-sided option that can be read from both sides, making it easy to read the time while moving through busy corridors or walkways. Our hospital clock ranges are maintenance-free and easy to clean.

Netsilon Time server for increased security and reliability

Bodet Time's Netsilon Time Server not only synchronises their clock system, but can also provide a more safe and secure way of synchronising your hospitals’ computer network.

Cyber security is of critical importance in healthcare. Unfortunately, more criminals are targeting hospitals and healthcare providers, causing data breaches and leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. It is impossible to predict a future cyber-attack, but risks can be reduced or entirely eliminated by ensuring the hospital network is as secure as possible.

With so many hospitals and medical facilities using Public Time Servers to receive an external NTP time signal, it creates a vulnerability in the network that cybercriminals can exploit. Fortunately, Bodet Time's Netsilon NTP Time Server is a secure and reliable method of synchronising time across digital devices on your network, including clocks, door access points, CCTV security systems, and any data systems that use digital timestamps.

Why choose Bodet time-management solutions?

The Bodet Group has been a leading name in the time measurement and management solutions sector since the 1860s. From the original Tower Clock, first designed and manufactured by clock-maker Paul Bodet in France, to today's digital time-management solutions, Bodet has been at the forefront of innovation, supporting medical, educational, healthcare, technical and corporate organisations in more than 60 countries worldwide.


We can offer free advice and guidance to help you choose the correct clock system for your hospital or medical setting.

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