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In a time where effective communication and security within schools are more important than ever, Bodet Time offers the perfect Class Change, PA and Synchronised Timekeeping solutions.

Our class change system is designed to be as versatile as needed for your class change schedule and communications. The accurate timekeeping will keep your staff and students on time for class changeovers and keep them informed of any urgent events, such as evacuations or class lockdown.

The class change and PA system is the perfect tool for timing day-to-day school activities such as class start and end times, plus the public address feature can also be used for voice notifications and for playing music.

Wide range of tones to choose from

Long gone are the days of traditional single-tone school bell rings to signify audible indications for class times and lunch rotations. The Bodet Time Class Change, Lockdown Alert and PA Systems are used in thousands of schools across the UK and Europe and allows you to broadcast customisable alerts in line with your class change and communications policies.

You have an extensive choice of tones and melodies to meet your needs. The system also has a programmable electronic timer, which allows you to create a notification schedule for the entire school week without requiring manual operation. Using the zoning functionality you can tailor schedules for different parts of the school grounds.

Using the Bodet Time Synchronised Class Change & PA System, you can save time and effectively communicate class start and finish times automatically using customisable tones. It is easily installed, and we have successfully equipped both new build and established schools and educational establishments catering for all students’ ages and needs.

What are the benefits of Bodet Time's Class Change System?

There are many benefits to be gained from installing a class change system. We offer a fully customisable way of notifying your staff and students of school timings which can be tailored to be fun, exciting, or subtle, depending on the age of your students.


Bodet Time's solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Ability to link synchronised clocks
  • Class change alerts are automatic and synchronised
  • Class change alerts can be cancelled automatically during school holidays
  • Different zones can be created, each having specific alert times, melodies or recorded announcements
  • Ability to schedule when bells will sound during exam periods.
  • Messages can be announced via microphone either over the whole site or to specific zones, or use our Harmonys Talk smartphone app.
  • Music and other audio can be streamed to any sounder on your network
  • Personalised announcements are created for special events (wet break, evacuation and lockdown)
  • Utility services such as heating and lighting can be controlled

Bodet Time's Synchronised Class Change & PA Systems can be tailored to the layout of your premises. For example, you can have an all-encompassing system for smaller-sized schools or split the system into specific zones across your campus. This means you can broadcast music or announcements to only those areas that need them without disturbing other classrooms.

Our PA feature means you can address the whole school or campus with urgent notifications or target specific areas, such as the school office or staff room, for paging individual staff members.

Synchronised Class Change & PA Systems Features

You can choose between two types of bell systems. Harmonys or Melodys. Our Harmonys Bell System, which runs across your IT network using Power Over Ethernet (POE) to power the system. Choosing this system will enable you to broadcast live messages and alerts.

You can set customisable alerts that help distinguish between different types of broadcasts, such as emergency evacuations, fire alarms, daily class changeovers, etc. The Harmonys Bell System can be triggered in various ways, such as GSM signal, Harmonys Notify PC and smartphone app, wired multi-button control panel or wireless remote control.

Bodet Time's can also supply connection to an induction loop amplifier with Harmonys Line, and Harmonys Trio/Flash units feature a visual alert indicator, which is ideal for the hard of hearing or for use in loud environments. This allows clear communication, improving the safety of both pupils and staff.

The Main Features of our Harmonys IP/POE PA and Class Change System:

  • 18 pre-installed bells sounds and stores up to 30 MP3s
  • Ability to synchronise clocks
  • Zoning functionality
  • Broadcasts live messages via a microphone or record and broadcast announcements from our Harmonys Talk mobile app.
  • Can incorporate Harmonys Trio, a 3-in-1 combination sounder which features audio broadcasts, a visual flash indicator and an LED display to show the time or fixed/scrolling messages
  • IP-based system powered over the Ethernet (POE)
  • Lockdown or panic alarm alert capability with wired and mobile trigger methods
  • Precise timing
  • Wall or ceiling-mounted sounders

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Bodet Time's Melodys Bell System range is a wireless solution which means no cabling across equipment. This can be an ideal choice for educational establishments with listed building status where you may not be allowed to install hard-wired systems.

This is the system of choice for larger campuses with separate classrooms and labs spread out over a wide area and where hardwire cabling would be impractical.

The Features of our Melodys Wireless DHF Class Change System:

  • Able to control other systems such as lighting and heating
  • Able to synchronise with clocks
  • Choice of preloaded or customisable recordings
  • Create schedules for specific areas of your premises
  • Precise timing
  • Wall, ceiling and external sounders

Bodet Time's Class Bell Systems will elevate your school’s scheduling to be more efficient, while allowing you to customise the bell tones to suit your needs. Our system makes it easy for you to notify the start of a class, lunch and break times and end-of-day notifications.

Harmonys gives you the flexibility to zone your alerts to different school areas without disrupting other classes or confusing students. For example, if you want to notify Key Stage 1 or 2 children of their lunch break, you can assign different bell tones to different key stages.

School safeguarding has also become a prominent concern in recent years. With Bodet Time's Class Change Systems, you can safeguard your staff and students by providing instant voice messages and emergency alerts throughout your network of speakers at the touch of a button or via a smartphone app.


If you would like to discuss your requirements with our team at Bodet Time, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to talk with you and answer your questions.

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