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By providing your passengers with an accurate, reliable and real-time time, you offer them a better experience that has a positive impact on your transportation network. Ensuring the efficiency of your public transport network using odet Time clock systems means your passengers will have complete confidence in the information viewed, ensuring they arrive on time for work and appointments.

Bodet Time offers a wide range of digital, and analogue clocks, as well as outdoor clock models, to satisfy all needs. You can benefit from synchronised time in all offices, passenger halls, waiting rooms and platforms.

Bodet Time clock systems dedicated to transport will also allow you to strengthen the security of your network and prevent the risk of cyber-attacks from using a local time server.

Unfortunately, cyber-attacks are becoming more prevalent and aim to wreak havoc, confusion and disruption among the criminal's target audience. Ensuring network security is therefore essential to ensure the proper functioning of the transport industry. Most time display and passenger information screens operate using the same computer network. Unfortunately, some transport providers use public time servers that receive an external NTP time signal, which leaves the field open to cyber criminals.

However, it is possible to strengthen the security of your network by using Bodet Time clock systems, incorporating the Netsilon time server. This is a secure, reliable and highly accurate solution to synchronise the time on all the equipment on your network: clocks, passenger information systems, video surveillance systems, access control etc.

This state-of-the-art fan-less design also reduces the chances of hardware failure, as well as power consumption. You can choose from a range of digital and analogue clocks with automatic summer and winter time changes depending on your needs and environment.

The advantages of Bodet Time clock systems for the public transport sector

Customer feedback is positive when passengers can count on an efficient and reliable transportation network. More and more people will be inclined to travel with you, and your services will not be criticised in the press.

There is nothing more frustrating for a passenger than facing delays that disrupt their itinerary and consequently put them in a bad mood for the day. Passengers will always want access to real-time information about the schedules of the various services. If your system operates on an inaccurate time system, your passengers may go elsewhere in search of a more reliable and efficient solution.

Passenger satisfaction is closely linked to the information provided, including the display of an accurate time in all offices and on platforms. Timetable information must be quickly and easily accessible by passengers so that they can act accordingly.

Bodet Time synchronised clock systems allow you to synchronise the time using a secure master clock. Depending on the style, design and décor of your premises, you can choose digital clocks displaying the time and date for ticket offices and boarding counters, large double-sided analogue clocks with tempered glass pane for a station hall, as well as waterproof clocks for outdoor use.

A tailor-made design service

Bodet Time will help you design a tailor-made solution to meet your needs. We develop a range of clocks designed to meet your expectations in terms of aesthetics and budget. We manufacture our clocks to order, so there is no risk of wasting resources or minimum order quantities.

Our range of digital and analogue clocks provides your passengers with a visible, synchronised and always correct time. Given the number of passengers travelling to a transportation hub daily, distributing an inaccurate time can be confusing and delay passengers in their journey.

The Bodet Time synchronised clock system allows you to provide the correct information to your passengers in its appropriate environment. When we design your system, we take into account the style, layout, and design of your premises. We also take into account lighting and in particular the evolution of daylight throughout the day and night.

We offer waterproof indoor and outdoor clocks. In the case of outdoor clocks operating in direct sunlight, we will ensure that the chosen dials do not have a surface that strongly reflects light, which would cause glare and prevent your passengers from reading the time.

Synchronised and real-time time information

By distributing accurate and real-time timetable information, you improve the quality of your services and contribute to passenger satisfaction. Providing a real-time display to your passengers is paramount. Your passengers have access to schedule information immediately, allowing them to reach their connecting services stress-free, and optimise their comfort.

The Bodet Time synchronised clock system provides reliable and consistent time information, allowing you to accurately control your services.

It is rather common for airports, train and bus stations to have several clocks spread over various areas. New clock systems can be installed in extensions, but it is often impossible to connect them to the existing clock system. Some building extensions are equipped with a stand-alone clock with a battery, but it can lose accuracy as the battery wears out.

Not all winter and summertime changes may occur if transport hubs have a mix of synchronised digital clocks and stand-alone analogue clocks. Passengers will then have incorrect time information, up to an hour out. This can disrupt passengers arriving from different time zones, and cause frustration and missed connections.

The Bodet Time synchronised clock system automates this process, reducing maintenance costs and saving staff time. It's also possible to control utilities within your premises, such as heating and lighting, by scheduling them to run only when necessary, such as your opening hours.

The advantages of having synchronised clock systems and Bodet Time time servers for the transport sector are:

  • Improve your services by communicating accurate time information to your passengers.
  • Reduce confusion and inefficiency by synchronising time across all offices and terminals.
  • Increase network security and prevent the risk of cyber-attacks by using a local time server.
  • Choose from a range of digital and analogue clocks according to your needs and environment.
  • Reduce maintenance costs (automatic summer and winter time change).

Bodet Time offers a wide range of synchronised analogue and digital clocks, including calendar and time zone clocks, combining design and technology. We also offer a wireless clock system so you can synchronise all your clocks in one or multiple buildings.

Contact us if you have any questions about our synchronised clock system solutions for your transport system. We are happy to help you discuss your needs and design an accurate and bespoke clock system that meets your requirements and budget.

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