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The benefits of synchronised time and alert solutions.

Improving time efficiency of the working and school day; ensuring safety through lockdown alerts; increasing communication with customised broadcast alerts; providing accuracy with time-sensitive tasks; boosting productivity by synchronising time across all areas…

With over 40 years of experience working with time-based solutions, Bodet Time Ltd offers expertise and support to your industry.


Which solution is best for my organisation?

Which solution is best for my organisation?

From schools and manufacturing to the public sector and healthcare, our team can help you to choose the solution that meets your needs. We will happily visit you at your site to work through your requirements and we can assist with installation, commissioning, and ongoing support. Whatever your time-based or alert requirements, we can help you choose what is right for you.

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Bodet Time's wide range of clocks

Our range of clocks

Bodet Time Ltd offers a wide range of clocks to meet all of our customers needs. Choose from analogue or digital, for use outdoors and indoors, of any size, resistant to dust, water, sun, multilingual, with multiple time zones, powered by electricity, battery or solar powered, with radio or wire synchronisation.

Browse our range below.

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Communicate through alerts and broadcasting messages

Communicate through alerts and broadcasting messages

Protecting staff and students with live or recorded voice messages and emergency alerts, customising alarms to distinguish between different activities, synchronising bells to signify school class changes or industrial shift times, broadcasting personalised messages to individual classes or separate zones.

Whatever the nature of your industry, there are many possible ways of communicating.

Have a look at the best options for you.

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Unrivalled accuracy and security with networked time synchronisation

Unrivalled accuracy and security with networked time synchronisation

Is the precise and continuous time synchronisation of networked devices critical to your business operations? Bodet Time's Netsilon Time Server was created as an innovative, powerful solution using all of our time synchronisation experience.

See how Netsilon can help you

Specifiers - Technical specifications

For specifiers

We provide a free specification service so you can prepare your projects and technical specifications. For more information, please click below.


Manufacturing in France for over 150 years

Manufacturing in France for over 150 years

The Bodet Group has been designing and manufacturing all of its products in Trémentines, France, since 1868. Bodet Time Ltd has been a subsidiary of this group since 1990 and has built a strong reputation and expertise in time management.


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There are numerous protocols for synchronising clocks within a network infrastructure. The most known are NTP (network Time Protocol) and SNTP (Simple NTP), but when the utmost precision is required, the PTP (Precision Time Protocol) is chosen. PTP was introduced in 2002 (in the IEEE 1588 standard) and has undergone numerous evolutions since (the latest version of the standard dates from 2019). One of the most important algorithmic components of PTP is the BMCA (Best Master Clock Algorithm). BMCA...


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A school’s culture should aim to build a strong community, a sense of belonging for pupils and a vision for the whole school. As a result, it can build trust and respect between staff and pupils. In order to ensure the culture is implemented, there needs to be a desire for the culture to be fulfilled by all; this can be a challenge when trying to get pupils involved. What does a modern school culture look like? How can you adapt to the changing needs of pupils?


How to Overcome Challenges Facing the Education Sector

Is it time to update your emergency alerts with distinguished sounds to ensure maximum safety for your pupils? Does your lockdown system take time to communicate across the school? Many educational settings are currently using the same systems when it comes to communicating vitally important alerts such as a fire, lockdown or evacuation. Have you recently assessed how efficient your systems are? Are pupils clear on which emergency is being communicated with your alerts?