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Bodet UK’s 30th Anniversary Interview

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An interview with Richard Manby, Bodet UK’s Managing Director

To mark the end of our 30th anniversary year, we interviewed Bodet UK’s Managing Director, Richard Manby, to talk about the company’s past, present and future.

Why do you think Bodet UK has continued to grow over the last 30 years?

I think it’s probably down to a combination of constant evolution of our modular solutions and good customer service. We have always fostered good relationships with our customers, and that communication leads to them discovering our latest new hardware and software which can integrate into their existing systems. This in turn provides us with some excellent testimonials which attracts new business.


What do you think makes Bodet UK so successful?

We have a range of solutions with very powerful unique features, such as our Harmonys IP/PoE Audio System range which now has a three-in-one sounder with audio, LED display and flash visual indicator, and our Kelio Visio X7 Time & Attendance Smart Terminal which can display a customisable range of workforce management apps. This is reflected in the fact that many of our customers were able to take advantage of our solutions to help them overcome new issues created by coronavirus. For example, our Time & Attendance Systems allow the management of staff working at home without loss of workforce visibility, and our Audio Solutions enable customers to broadcast scheduled reminders for new coronavirus safety measures. We also benefit from a team of very experienced and driven staff, many of whom have been with us for years, and that expertise in their relevant departments is a huge boost.


What is it like having a milestone anniversary in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic?

It’s slightly strange in one way, as we are obviously not at a point where we really want to physically celebrate it, but in another way it’s actually very useful. Coming at this time, the chance to reflect on everything that we’ve experienced and learnt so far better allows us to adapt to these fluid times and realise our strengths.


What do you think the biggest thing Bodet UK has learnt as a company in its time?

I’d say it’s to be adaptable, always keeping one eye on the future. The fact that the Bodet Group designs and manufactures its own hardware, and develops its own software, means that we are able to adapt far more quickly to emerging requirements and trends than our competitors. It’s a lesson and philosophy that we continue to benefit from today; recently we were able to add even more functionality to our Kelio Time & Attendance Software with the latest release, designed to aid managers with staff working at home. For example, new functionality now allows specific shifts to be created for homeworking. Originally these features were roadmapped for further ahead, but with the increase in working remotely due to the pandemic, we were able to shift some developments around and ensure this was prioritised. This benefits many of our existing customers, and strengthens our Time & Attendance offering.


Where do you see Bodet UK in the next five years?

It’s slightly hard to say considering the unprecedented nature of the current situation, but whether we return to what normal was, or a new normal, we will build upon our success evolving our products to suit the requirements of our target sectors, whatever those requirements may turn out to be. This will allow us to increase our market share across all sectors.


To discuss how our Time & Attendance Solutions or Sounder Systems can help your organisation with workforce management, efficiency and communication, please contact us.


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