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hospital clocks

Hospital clocks

Medicine is Time Critical

Time is of the essence, so the saying goes, and nowhere is this more significant than in medicine where patient lives are on the line. Accurate time isn't a mere convenience in a healthcare facility; it's a central way of ensuring that processes are running efficiently and patient safety is paramount. It determines when a patient receives medication, when shift changes occur, when appointments begin and end, how long a patient can undergo surgery and when medicines should be taken to name a few.

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Hospitals and other healthcare premises rely enormously on accurate records and timekeeping throughout each department. When it comes to looking after someone's health, all medical charts, reports and timed procedures must remain consistent. To do this, hospitals and other medical facilities require reliable clock systems.

Accurate timekeeping can make all the difference to patients' recovery or health maintenance, especially concerning dispensing lifesaving medications, administering exact dosages, timing anaesthetics during surgical procedures, and more. Should timings not be accurate, it could have serious health outcomes for the patient and legal consequences for the medical team involved in their care.

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