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Consider a Lockdown Alert System for your Organisation

Organisational Lockdown Alert System

Ability to broadcast a unique emergency lockdown alert increases safety for your staff and visitors

The idea of a school going into lockdown isn’t anything new, but the same range of events that trigger it can also threaten the safety of employees and visitors to your organisation.

If your organisation has a high number of visitors, such as a healthcare facility or council office, there is always the unfortunate possibility of a violent confrontation. Should this situation occur, you need to be able to inform all staff across your whole premises immediately so they can enact lockdown procedures. Without the ability to broadcast a distinct lockdown alert, it’s possible the response could be confused and incorrect. This could cause employees and visitors to evacuate buildings, potentially putting them closer to danger. The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) suggests avoiding the use of a fire bell to communicate lockdown for this same reason.


Events happening on your premises aren’t the only reason why you need a clear and concise method of communicating lockdown. Bomb threats, fires and police incidents taking place nearby could also create a situation where it could be critical for your staff and visitors to remain inside rather than evacuating the premises.


Your organisation might have very specific safety considerations and procedures for lockdown. Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System enables a unique lockdown alert to be customised to your requirements. It even allows the creation of multiple alerts to differentiate between partial lockdown (for example requiring staff to remain inside buildings in the event of a local chemical spill), and full lockdown (requiring staff to proceed to specific areas which can be locked when a violent intruder is present).


Any emergency alerts can be broadcast instantly using a range of trigger methods which can be combined to suit the needs of your organisation. Our IP/PoE Control Box has buttons to broadcast multiple alerts, and can be placed at fixed points across your company, such as at reception or in consultation rooms. Our remote trigger methods include a wireless remote control and smartphone application.


Bodet Organisational Lockdown Alert System


Bodet’s Organisational Lockdown Alert System can also be part of a five-in-one IP/PoE Sounder System, offering a Bell System which can create schedules and zones, Synchronised Clocks, PA functionality and the ability to stream music.


We would be happy to visit your organisation to discuss your requirements for a Lockdown Alert System tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation. If you would like to arrange this, or require more information, please contact us.


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