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Bodet Automatic Autumn Clock Change Solution

Daylight savings mean we lose an hour in March but gain it back in October – as regular as clockwork! Most people think we change the clocks twice per year because daylight savings help farmers have more daylight for safer working. However, the actual reason we keep changing with time was due to an influential builder and the outbreak of the First World War.

British Summer Time was first proposed in 1907 by a builder called William Willett. William was a keen horse rider, and after riding his horse one morning in Petts Wood, the idea for daylight savings first came to him.

Health and Safety risks in the workplace

Changing every single clock in the workplace can feel a bit like groundhog day. "Didn't we just do this?" is a question that comes across the minds of your staff responsible for changing all of your clocks, especially when it involves changing clocks hung at height above people's heads.

Climbing up stepladders to change overhead clocks is not only a hassle, but it also increases the chances of accidents in the workplace where your staff can fall and injure themselves from height.

Wouldn't it be great if there was an automatic autumn clock change solution that can be adopted in the workplace that does an automatic clock change for you twice per year without you having to lift a finger?

Fortunately, there is! Bodet offers an ideal automatic autumn clock change solution that can reduce maintenance costs and health and safety risks in the workplace by using our synchronising clock systems.

Eliminate the challenge of clock changes

You can improve the efficiency and safety of your workplace and reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need to change every clock in your workplace twice per year.

Instead of altering the time of each clock across your company, which is a frustrating and thankless task for your maintenance team, you can automatically control the switch between BST and standard time with Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems.

All your analogue and digital clocks will automatically switch to the correct time in Spring and Autumn, removing the associated costs and resources otherwise required for this task.

It is all too common to forget to change some of the clocks in your workplace, which can lead to confusion for staff who may glance at the time and not realise it is wrong. Changing all of your workplace clocks with our automated solutions will ensure your staff will be working on the same schedule and timeline, coordinating with team members and delivering completed tasks on time.

Cost-effective time savings in the workplace

Bodet's automatic clock change solutions can also integrate with your building's control systems, such as heating and lighting. This means you can schedule heating and lighting to come on and switch off during working hours and eliminate wasted heat and light overnight, at the weekends and during bank holidays and seasonal holidays where staff won't be present.

Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems can also be linked to a Bodet Sounder System, allowing you to schedule alerts and messages across your organisation. This will help to automate otherwise time-consuming tasks such as shift changes, class changes and health and safety reminders.

Bodet's customisable options

Bodet’s Clock Systems can be customised with your choice of Time Distribution Systems, and our  Netsilon Time Server allows you to synchronise all devices across your IT network with unrivalled security, including:

  • Access control systems
  • Clocks
  • Desktop computers
  • Video cameras

Switching to and from BST is a significant task for many companies. It can increase maintenance staff workload and accident risks (overhead clock changes) and distract from other essential maintenance duties.

Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems mean that all your analogue and digital clock models switch automatically when the time changes, so no work is required to complete this task. Do not hesitate to contact us at Bodet to discuss your synchronised clock system needs. We are here to help!

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