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School PA System - Increase Communication Across Your Whole School Premises

School PA System

Gain the ability to broadcast to all your pupils and staff, or just specific areas, at the touch of a button

School premises are becoming bigger than ever, with multiple buildings and expansive grounds. With many having over 1,000 students and more than 100 teachers on site, effective communication can often be a problem, especially when important announcements need to be distributed quickly.

Bodet has created an IP/PoE School PA System to solve this issue, using internal and external sounders connected to your existing computer network so required cabling is minimal and installation is quick and easy. This gives you the flexibility to broadcast anything from break time arrangements and staff bulletins to even announcements for school events such as sports days, fetes and parents’ evenings, all using the same system.


Different zones can be created for sounders, allowing you to broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements to your entire school, or just specific areas, at the touch of a button. The microphone can be plugged into any network point, for example at reception or in the headmaster’s office. It features an internal speaker allowing you to play back recordings and listen to them prior to broadcast, and a built-in screen to display customisable zone names. A jingle can also be configured to play before your announcements.

School PA System for Increased Communication

In addition to a microphone, other options for broadcasting pre-recorded messages include a wireless remote control and a wired multi-button control box. You can also use our Harmonys Talk app to record and then broadcast an announcement remotely on a smartphone.


Bodet’s School PA Systems can also be part of a five-in-one solution which includes lockdown alert, class change, synchronised clocks and music streaming.


Our expert staff have conducted many installations at educational facilities, so we are aware of the pitfalls of sites spread over multiple buildings, and how to ensure announcements can be heard across your school premises.


For more information about our PA Systems, and how we can tailor our solutions for the specific needs of your school, please contact us.


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