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Coronavirus Time Management and Communication Solutions for Medical Facilities

Coronavirus Communications & Time Management Solutions for Medical Facilities

Healthcare Clock Systems and Audio Solutions to help with the pandemic

During the global coronavirus outbreak, healthcare facilities are under increased strain. Not only is efficiency more important than ever, but new measures in place to ensure patient, visitor and staff safety need to be reliably communicated.

Whether a hospital or care home, due to the vulnerable nature of patients and residents, safety steps such as wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing and using hand sanitiser regularly are critical. Since these are new measures, it’s possible that they could be forgotten by visitors and staff alike through the course of the day, especially in high stress situations.


An efficient way to regularly remind everyone about critical information is to use an audio solution such as Bodet’s Harmonys System. This is a simple and intuitive method to record and broadcast customised messages through IP/PoE sounders functioning on your existing IT network. Since alerts can be scheduled at set intervals across the day, the workload involved is minimal, but it ensures everyone is kept safe and informed in these unprecedented times.


Coronavirus Time Management & Communication Solutions for Medical Facilities


Optimal time management is crucial to medical facilities, to coordinate staff and ensure all patients get the care they need. Increased reliance on medical services means that efficiency is paramount, appointments need to run on time, and time-recorded events need to be captured with precision and confidence.


Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems provide highly accurate time, synchronised across your whole facility with easy-to-clean clock models designed for healthcare environments. Using a Bodet Time Server in your organisation enables total time precision, synchronising clocks and additional devices across your IT networks. It also reinforces your network security and protects against increasingly frequent cyberattacks.


Whether it's your cardiology, maternity or A&E department, a medical clinic or care home, Bodet can help ensure safe and efficient operation and communication for all your patients, visitors and staff.


For further information about how Bodet can assist with communication and time synchronisation in your healthcare facility, please contact us.


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