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Autumn Change Over With Synchronised Clock Systems

Automatic Clock Change with Bodet

With clocks having gone back this weekend, this task can cause increased workload and maintenance costs, all of which can be avoided with Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems

British Summer Time ended this weekend, as clocks went back at 2am on Sunday 27th October.

Even if your organisation has just a small number of clocks, this can be a fair amount of work, especially if they are wall-mounted and require access equipment to reach. This can cause increased workload and maintenance costs, especially with two clock changes happening every year.


With Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems, all your analogue and digital clocks will automatically switch to the correct time in Spring and Autumn, meaning that you don't have to allocate any resources to complete this task.


The Summer / Winter changeover is just one benefit of a Synchronised Clock System. By synchronising time across your whole organisation, everyone is working to exactly the same schedule with meetings and tasks, which improves workforce efficiency. Another benefit is the ability to control building systems such as heating and lighting, saving you further money as they can be programmed to run only in the hours when your organisation is staffed. Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems can also be linked to a Bodet Bell System, ensuring you broadcast timed alerts such as class change in schools, and shift change in factories, perfectly in unison with displayed times on clocks.

Bodet Digital & Analogue Clocks

Bodet's Clock Systems give you a range of choices both in terms of Time Distribution Systems, such as NTP/IP and wireless DHS, and clocks with indoor and outdoor weatherproof models with varying finishes, display options and sizes for differing reading distances.


If you would like a free site survey so we can suggest the best Clock System Solution for your specific requirements, please contact us.


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