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It’s nearly time to ‘spring forward’…!

As the clocks change on the last Sunday of March every year, this year British Summer Time will begin on 31st March 2024. The clocks will go forward by one hour, which unfortunately means we lose a precious hour in bed. However, we will wake up earlier to (hopefully) lovely morning sunshine!

Did you know that at the Royal Observatory in London keeps the same time all year round? This is to keep the tradition of when the old clocks were made - before British Summer Time came into effect. This causes a lot of confusion among visitors!

For those of us who do have the task of changing the clocks, with Bodet Time, all of the clocks will change automatically using Bodet Time’s master clock, which synchronises all of the slave clocks. This saves a lot of work, particularly with large premises of multiple sites.

Bodet Time’s synchronised clock solutions can be wired or wireless. To receive a quote and find the best solution for your organisation, please contact us on

British Summer Time

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