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Bodet to Showcase its Harmonys Lockdown, Synchronised Clock, Bell & PA System at Bett 2023

Bodet is pleased to announce they will be appearing at Bett 2023, scheduled to be held at ExCeL London between the 29th to 31st of March 2023. Bett is the largest Educational Technology exhibition in the world. It allows innovative product developers, such as Bodet, the opportunity to showcase cutting-edge technological solutions that will help improve outcomes for educators and students.

As the leading Time Management Solutions provider in Europe, Bodet delivers Lockdown Alert, Synchronised Clocks, Bell & PA Systems specifically designed for schools and educational environments.

The team will showcase our Harmonys Class Change System, an IP/POE system that broadcasts individualised alerts such as daily class changes, lockdown, emergency evacuations and more. 

Our Harmonys lockdown system has a range of benefits that educational establishments can benefit from, including: 

  • Broadcast live or pre-recorded messages to your whole school or specific areas
  • Modular hardware range includes a visual alert indicator, connection to induction loop and the Harmonys Trio multi-function sounder combining audio broadcasts, a visual flash indicator and LED display in one unit
  • Option of using the Synchronised Clock System with automatic Summer/Winter changeover
  • Secure smartphone apps enabling you to record remotely and then broadcast announcements and trigger audio alerts/messages (device must be on school IT network)

Many schools and campuses can be sprawling sites made up of many different buildings. Bodet's Harmonys PA system enables you to easily broadcast tailored announcements to specific buildings, classrooms or areas to reach targeted audiences. Schools can also ensure that classes start and finish on time across a whole school site or set not to unnecessarily disturb students taking exams in one school building or area. 

Why choose Bodet?

With over 35,000 customers worldwide putting their trust in our products, we always go the extra mile to ensure our software and hardware solutions are designed with our customer's needs in mind. 

A typical school day can vary between educational establishments, with some running classes in segmented time blocks. Our synchronised lockdown, clock, bell and PA systems can be set to dictate how long classes and breaks last, avoiding confusion and time lapses that may lead to classes or break times being cut short or delayed. 

Ensuring class time lengths is crucial for teachers and students to enable learning to be set at a pace where teachers can deliver effectively, and students absorb, understand and retain the information provided. 

Why accurate class timings improve safety

With the advancement of modern technology, our systems can do so much more than signal the beginning and end of classes or break times. 

In any school emergency, clear and concise communication is critical. This is why our lockdown   and PA systems are excellent for the protection, safety and well-being of staff and students. School lockdown alerts can easily be broadcast to warn teachers and students of issues and immediate dangers.

Our comprehensive school bell and PA solutions offer the reassurance of delivering precise class timings while having built-in emergency messaging systems and the ability to send live PA addresses across your whole school site or campus. We can devise and install our PA, Class Change, Lockdown Alert and Synchronised Clock Solutions to match your individual requirements and budget.

Bodet is pleased to announce they will be appearing at Bett 2023

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