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Hassle Free Automatic Autumn Clock Change

On Sunday 29th October the clocks make their seasonal change of going back an hour, therefore 3am will return to 2am. This marks the end of British Summer Time and the period where we have been afforded an extra hour to make the most of the increased summer daylight hours in the northern hemisphere.

Bodet have taken the hassle out of this annual change with its sychronised clock systems. Whether your company has a few clocks close by or many spread over different buildings, this time change will be automatic and seamless.

Using Bodet’s master clock, all of your slave clocks including digital, analogue, indoor and outdoor clock models, will be synchronised to the new time.

Amongst the many benefits of Bodet’s Clock and Clock Systems, this automation saves invaluable time for your staff members, reduces costs and maintains productivity.

Clocks System can be wired or wireless. To find out which clock and system best suits your needs, please contact us or call us on 01442 418800.

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