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School Lockdown Alert: Aylesbury School Goes Into Lockdown Following Reported Altercation

School Lockdown News

Booker Park School in lockdown as police deal with incident

Thames Valley Police were called to Booker Park School in Aylesbury at around 9.10am on 24th September following reports of an altercation.

The school went into lockdown for ten minutes, with all children and staff being asked to remain indoors, as police dealt with the incident. It was reported that no children were harmed or involved. No arrests have been made in connection with the event, but police are conducting an investigation.


A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire Council said: “The school briefly went into lockdown as a precaution and the police attended the site. All children are safe and were not involved in the incident which was not related to the school and is now a matter for the police.”


A large number of events like these which necessitate a school lockdown are the result of random and unforeseen events. Although schools cannot predict these, since they are responsible for the safety of pupils and staff when on school grounds, they must have a clearly defined lockdown procedure in place. A Lockdown Alert System can be a critical element of this, functioning as a quick and efficiency method of informing everyone on site of a lockdown situation.


School Lockdown Alert News


Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System allows you to broadcast a unique, customisable lockdown alert across your entire school at the touch of a button, distinct to other emergency alerts such as evacuation. These alerts can be instantly triggered by a range of methods, such as remote control, wired control box and smartphone app. This solution ensures that all pupils and staff instantly know exactly what to do in the event of a lockdown.


This Lockdown Alert System can either be stand-alone, or part of a larger system which can also incorporate Class Change, Synchronised Clocks, PA functionality and music streaming. This system can also be used to broadcast scheduled reminders about coronavirus safety measures throughout the school day, such as remembering to wash your hands and maintaining social distancing where possible.


To discuss your requirements and see how our Lockdown Alert System can be tailored for the specific needs of your school, please contact us.


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