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Automated synchronised clock systems from Bodet Ltd

Automatic Clock Change with Synchronised Clock Systems

Save time and money this October by eliminating the workload of manually changing each clock with Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems

In 2021, clocks go back on at 2am on Sunday 31st October, signalling the end of British Summer Time. For many organisations, the Autumn clock change represents the time-consuming task of having to adjust each individual clock across their premises.

Considering that many clocks are mounted in hard-to-reach areas requiring the use of access equipment, it’s easy to see how this biannual task can impact maintenance costs. Furthermore, even after checking the time is correct on every clock, it’s unlikely they will stay accurate for long due to drift.


Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems are an easy and effective way to eliminate this whole process. All of your Bodet Analogue and Digital Clocks will change automatically in both Spring and Autumn, and you can have total confidence in the accuracy of time displayed. By ensuring your organisation runs to a unified schedule, you increase efficiency through improved processes, and promote punctuality as a value to your employees.


To ensure that your specific requirements are met, our synchronised clock models offer a high degree of customisation. Once you’ve decided on analogue or digital clocks, you have a range of choices including sizes, display options and finishes, or even weatherproof models for exterior use. Multiple Time Distribution Systems are also available, such as NTP/IP and wireless DHS. Bodet’s Netsilon NTP Time Server is an ideal solution for synchronising devices across your network, such as computers, video cameras and access control in addition to clocks, and provides additional accuracy, reliability and security.

 Bodet Digital & Analogue Clocks

Alongside time synchronisation, our Clock Systems offer other benefits. Costs can be reduced further by using them to control your building facilities such as heating and lighting, so they operate only when staff our present. You also have the option of adding our Sounder Systems, enabling you to broadcast scheduled alerts such as shift change and class change, as well as emergency messages such as lockdown.


To discuss the right Synchronised Clock System for your organisation, and the benefits it can provide, please contact us.


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