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Class Change System News: Expert Education Task Force Assembling to Tackle Poor Student Behaviour

Increase Pupil Behaviour with Bodet Class Change System

Schools with outstanding behavioural practices invited to assist those with discipline issues as part of Government programme to address issue of student behaviour

As part of ongoing work to improve school standards across the UK, the Government is putting together a new team of experts to prevent disruption in the classroom and raise behaviour standards, spearheaded by schools with exemplary behavioural practices.

These ‘behaviour hubs’ will be supported by behaviour experts, with a goal of providing head teachers and senior leaders the required tools to eliminate poor discipline. They will examine topics such as setting high standards for pupil behaviour, de-escalating conflict and banning mobile phones.


Education Secretary Gavin Williamson commented, “Pupils learn best in an environment where there are no excuses for bad behaviour and high expectations are set for all pupils. Poor discipline disrupts lessons, holds children back and has a profound effect on teachers.


“All over the country we see examples of schools with great behaviour cultures achieving incredible things for their pupils – as we level up standards in our schools, I want that to be the norm. That’s why we are determined to give all schools the tools they need to improve behaviour by making sure that they can learn from the best.”


Harmonys Class Change System at Djanogly City Academy


Djanogly City Academy wanted to develop a clearly defined structure to the school day in a friendly, calm manner. Their goal was to encourage student discipline in a stress-free way and lead to a better learning environment for both the staff and the students.


They selected Bodet’s Class Change System, and adopted a new approach to class change:


“When it’s time to change classes, we play classical music for 4 minutes. It’s a very calm way to announce class changeover. All the students know they need to close their lesson packets, move to the next class and start the lesson before the music stops. Class changes are smooth and efficient and the corridors are empty by the time the music stops. The sense of urgency it instils has dramatically improved punctuality and avoids staff/student confrontation in the corridors, which has resulted in much better behaviour throughout the school.”


The full case study from Djanogly City Academy, or the video case study, is available on our website.


Bodet’s Class Change System allows you to broadcast customisable alerts for events such as the start of school, lunchtimes and lockdown. Alerts can be scheduled, and broadcast either across your whole premises to specific zones. Our Class Change System can be standalone, or part of a larger solution which also includes synchronised clocks, PA functionality and music streaming.


We would be happy to visit your school for a free demonstration so you can see how our Class Change System can be tailored for your specific needs. To arrange this, please contact us.


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