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Keep Safe and Secure at School

In anticipation of Martyn’s Law, we want to ensure that your educational setting is ready and prepared to protect your staff and pupils against terrorism.

Martyn’s Law, also known as the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, is a UK wide measure to prepare and protect larger premises from potential terrorist attacks.

The proposed law is named after Martyn Hett, who lost his life in the terrorist attack in Manchester Arena in 2017. The Government’s final consultations for this end on 18th March 2024 with the proposed law due to take effect in September 2024.

In order to meet the requirements, each premises, with a capacity of larger than 100 individuals must have an effective lockdown procedure in place. This includes all educational settings.

A set of clear procedures must be outlined and communicated to all participants. To do this effectively, your school must be able to broadcast a lockdown or evacuation alert across the whole premises, and ideally with a trigger button being issued to each member of the Senior Leadership Team, or remote access to trigger an alert via app or PC.

We recommend these steps with your procedure:

  1. Providing clear instructions to all involved
  2. Training all staff and pupils
  3. Testing regularly and communicating effectively

At Bodet Time, we recognise the challenges that schools face with Martyn’s Law and want to support you with protecting your school by preparing for lockdown and evacuation. With Bodet Time’s Lockdown Solutions:

  • An alert can be triggered simultaneously across multiple buildings on site
  • Messages can be pre-recorded to save time and ensure a calm message is broadcast
  • Alerts can be broadcasted in a variety of ways, including text display and luminous strobes
  • If you are an existing customer with Bodet Time’s Sigma Master Clock (Network version), simply add some sounders to your premises to broadcast your Lockdown alert
  • Bodet Time’s Harmonys range includes a variety of auditory and visual alerts for broadcasting, as well as a control box with four buttons to account for different types of alert

For a personalised quote for how to protect your staff and pupils, contact us and our friendly sales will be happy to help you.

Contact us on or call 01442 418800.


Keep Safe and Secure at School




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