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School Lockdown: Police Manhunt causes Manchester School to go into Lockdown

Lockdown School Alert

Kingsway School placed on Lockdown as police search for man wanted on suspicion of assault

With a large police presence searching in the vicinity for a suspect following a domestic incident, Kingsway School in Cheadle was advised to activate lockdown procedures.

Students at the school reportedly hid under desks as part of these steps. Following these events, which culminated in officers from Greater Manchester Police arresting a 27-year-old man on suspicion of assault, the school made the following statement:


“At approximately 10am the school applied its lockdown procedure in response to a police incident in our local community. At no time was there a direct threat to any of our students, and the decision to authorise the lockdown was purely a precaution to ensure our students’ safety.


“We were in regular contact with the police during the incident which has now been resolved, and lifted the Lockdown as soon as appropriate. A regular school timetable is now operating.”


Although incidents occurring directly on school property are thankfully few and far between, by having clear and effective communication systems installed, along with robust lockdown procedures and regular practices, schools ensure they are doing all they can to ensure the safety of staff and students.


Lockdown School Alert Solution


Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System allows you to instantly broadcast a unique lockdown alert across your entire school premises using a range of both remote and local trigger methods, including wireless remote control and smartphone app. The alert is customisable to make it distinct from other emergency notifications such as evacuation, ensuring all students and staff immediately know how to respond in a lockdown situation.


Depending on your school’s requirements, Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System can either function as a standalone system, or be part of our IP/PoE Harmonys System which can include additional functions such as Class Change, Synchronised Clocks, PA functionality and music streaming.


If you would like to find out more about how our Lockdown Alert System can be tailored for the specific needs of your school, please contact us.


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