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Spring Clock Change: Automation Through Synchronised Clock Systems

How to save time and money by automating the process when clocks go forward at the end of March

British Summer Time begins on 27th March 2022, as clocks go forward one hour at 1am, prompting the need to manually change the time on each individual clock across your whole premises.

This task is often made longer by the use of access equipment to reach wall-mounted clocks, and as it occurs twice a year, has a definite impact on your maintenance costs. Even after adjusting them, clocks can still be subject to drift, meaning that they might not show the correct time or match other clocks for long.


This whole process can be eliminated by implementing time synchronisation. Through the use of a Bodet Master Clock or NTP Time Server, all your clock models will change automatically in Spring and Autumn. This method also ensures that your clocks display the same accurate time, increasing efficiency across your organisation.


We have a large range of clock models to solve the challenges of your sector, whether it’s digital clocks for school exam halls, time zone clocks for financial institutions, easy-to-clean clocks for healthcare or large exterior clocks for railway stations. Since we manufacture to order, you can choose from further options such as digit heights, LED colours and different finishes.

 Bodet Digital & Analogue Clocks

Bodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems offer additional benefits to aid in the efficient operation of your organisation. They can reduce costs further with the ability to control building facilities such as heating and lighting, so that they’re used only when required. You can also expand your solution to include Bell Systems, with functionality to schedule broadcasts across the day, such as class change and shift change, as well instantly trigger emergency audio alerts including lockdown.


To discuss the right Synchronised Clock System for your organisation, and the benefits it can provide, please contact us.


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