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School Lockdown Alert: Derbyshire School Goes Into Lockdown as Armed Police Respond to Local Incident

Lockdown School Alert

Wilsthorpe School in Long Eaton advised to go into lockdown following reports of a man with a firearm in the area

At around 7.45 on 5th February 2020, police attended along with paramedics, closing roads around Briar Gate in Long Eaton.

Staff at Wilsthorpe School were told to keep pupils inside and the school published the following twitter post:


“There is an ongoing police incident in Long Eaton. Students will be kept inside the school building behind the secure line until we receive the all clear. Please do not visit the school. Updates to follow.”


A man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm. A police spokesperson said “Armed officers were deployed to the scene along with negotiators. There have been rumours in the area that gun shots were fired, we can confirm that no shots were fired by officers or by the man under arrest.”


Lockdown School Alert Solution


When considering a Lockdown Alert System for your school, it’s important to note that government advice from NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) recommends using a different system to broadcast lockdown alerts than your fire alarm. This is to reduce the chance of an incorrect response from students and staff should an incident occur.


Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System increases both safety and communication in your school, allowing you to broadcast a unique lockdown alert across your whole premises using trigger methods such as smartphone app, remote control and wired control box. This solution can either be standalone, or part of a larger system which can include Class Change, PA functionality, Synchronised Clocks and music streaming.


For more information, or to see how we can tailor a Lockdown Alert System for the specific needs of your school, please contact us.


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