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Bodet’s Partnership With the National Network of School Site Staff

National Network of School Site Staff

Bodet is proud to highlight this organisation, with its new focus on digital training and adjusted price point, allowing more schools than ever to support their site managers and staff

The National Network of School Site Staff is dedicated to the wellbeing, training and support of school site managers, a role which has expanded to become pivotal within the education environment. Adapting to increased online and remote services, a new price point allows even more schools to take advantage of this organisation at a critical time.

Since site staff are typically responsible for putting many new coronavirus health and safety measures into place within schools, it is now more important than ever that they are supported, motivated and trained.


Like many organisations, the National Network of School Site Staff has adapted in recent times, shifting from its traditional physical events and face-to-face training to a more online and virtual presence. These services are reinforced with its 24/7 telephone support line. Since social distancing measures mean less interaction with colleagues for this often-isolated job, the Network is focused on the wellbeing of such educational staff at this critical time, and works to highlight how important it is that schools continue to invest in such employees.


To realign itself with this new online focus, the Network is pleased to announce a new price point of just £30 per annum per school. This small fee provides access to online training, resources and tools, in addition to the 24/7 telephone line, ensuring that help and advice is always available.



Bodet is pleased to highlight such a service based around the wellbeing and training of school site managers as part of its remit of improving safety and quality of life for both students and staff.


To discuss how the National Network of School Site Staff can help support your school site staff, please contact them.


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