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School Lockdown Alert: Calderdale School Goes Into Lockdown Following Nearby Disturbance

Lockdown School Alert

Lightcliffe Academy advised by police to go into Lockdown after nearby incident involving four men

At 12.50pm on Thursday 12th March, police were called following reports of a disturbance involving four men on Wakefield Road.

Nearby Lightcliffe Academy were advised by police to go into immediate lockdown as a precaution. The school’s twitter account made the following post:


“Due to an incident that was unrelated to the school, the police advised we keep all students inside, this is called an invacuation. The police have now advised the situation is under control and this has been lifted.”


After officers attended the scene, two men were arrested. A spokesperson from the West Yorkshire Police commented:


“There are no reports of any injuries and there is no wider risk to the public.”


Lockdown School Alert Solution


It’s important to remember that it’s not just instances of intruders or violence directly on school property that can trigger a lockdown; triggering events can be anything from such incidents occurring in the vicinity, major nearby fires, chemical spills, air pollution or even a dangerous dog roaming loose.


Current government advice for Lockdown from NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) recommends that lockdown alarms are distinctive and use a dedicated lockdown alarm tone (separate to that used for other emergencies such as your fire alarm).


Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System allows you to broadcast a unique lockdown alert across your whole school, increasing both safety and communication so that students and staff react correctly should an incident occur. A range of trigger methods are available, including a wireless remote control, smartphone app and wired control box. This solution can either be standalone, or part of a larger system encompassing Class Change, PA functionality, Synchronised Clocks and music streaming.


For more information, or to see how we can tailor a Lockdown Alert System for the specific needs of your school, please contact us.


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