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Automate spring clock change with Synchronised Clock Systems

Spring Clock Change Automated with Synchronised Clock System

This year, clocks to forward at 1am on Sunday 29th March, signalling the start of British Summer Time.

Clocks can be spread over multiple floors and buildings within your organisation, often mounted high on walls reachable only with access equipment. This means that adjusting each individual clock is a very time consuming process. With the clocks change occurring twice a year, maintenance costs can soon soar. Bodet's Synchronised Clock Systems automate this process for you, saving you time and money as well as offering additional benefits.


Using a master clock, Bodet’s Clock Systems will synchronise time over your whole organisation, increasing efficiency. We offer a range of wireless clocks, which minimise disruption where cabling may be an issue, and wired clocks which can take advantage of existing cabling with PoE (Power over Ethernet). Outdoor clock models are also available, allowing time to be displayed across playgrounds and sports fields.

Bodet Analogue & Digital ClocksBodet’s Synchronised Clock Systems can be part of a larger five-in-one solution which can include lockdown alert, class change or shift change, PA functionality and music streaming. With a master clock, you also gain the ability to automate additional facilities systems such as heating and lighting, reducing costs further.


Having conducted many installations and site surveys, our expert staff are aware of the pitfalls of sites spread over multiple buildings, so we can ensure your time signal is received by all your Bodet clocks.


We would be happy to conduct a site survey to recommend the right Clock System Solution for your organisation. Please contact us to arrange this.


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