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School Lockdown Alert: Worthing Schools Go Into Lockdown following armed police incident

School Lockdown News

Broadwater CE Primary School goes into precautionary lockdown as armed police respond to local incident

Sussex police were called to Broadwater Street West at around 8.35am on 16th January, following concerns for the welfare of an occupant of a property in a parade of shops.

There was a large attendance from emergency services, which included plain clothes officers with automatic weapons, uniformed officers, members of the dog unit and members of the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.


Broadwater CE Primary School in Rectory Road went into partial lockdown for around 30 minutes, and eventually PCSOs informed schools that there was no longer any need to keep pupils and staff inside. It was reported that several other local schools and colleges also went into lockdown.


Bodet’s Lockdown Alert System allows you to broadcast a unique, customisable lockdown alert across your entire school at the touch of a button, distinct to other emergency alerts such as evacuation. These alerts can be instantly triggered by a range of methods, such as remote control, smartphone app and wired control box. It also allows you to differentiate between partial and full lockdown, as the situation requires.


School Lockdown Alert News


This Lockdown Alert System can either be stand-alone, or part of a larger system which can also incorporate Class Change, Synchronised Clocks, PA functionality and music streaming.


We would be happy to visit your school for a free demonstration so you can see how our Lockdown Alert System can be tailored for your specific needs. To arrange this, please contact us.


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