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Factory Bell Systems: Broadcast Coronavirus Safety Information to Your Staff

Factory Bell Systems Broadcast Coronavirus Safety Information to Your Staff

Ensure workers stay alert with frequently broadcast messages through a Sounder / PA System

In light of staff returning to work during the coronavirus outbreak, there will be important safety information you need to communicate to your employees. Without frequent reminders however, it’s possible this information may be forgotten.

Many companies are now examining how they can safely bring some or all of their staff back into working environments. Any new regulations put in place will need to be communicated to workers, but since returning to work will mean returning to a familiar environment with familiar faces, there is a danger that staff may slip back to pre-lockdown practices without frequent reminders.


In addition to regulating shifts and breaks, Bodet's Harmonys System provides the opportunity to communicate critical information to your staff throughout the day, either using live or pre-recorded announcements. These can be automatically scheduled, and broadcast across your whole premises or to customisable zones. This means that instead of just reminding employees in a daily bulletin, you can create frequent audio messages which will keep health and safety measures at the forefront of their minds.


Example staff safety announcements include:


Broadcast Coronavirus Safety Information to Your Staff Using Factory Bell Systems


Bodet's Harmonys System increases efficiency and productivity by synchronising all factory sounders, and can even reduce maintenance costs through automatic control of building systems such as heating and lighting. Harmonys is a five-in-one solution, and in addition to a Factory Bell System also features PA functionality, emergency alerts, Synchronised Clocks and music streaming.


If you would like more information about Harmonys, and how it can increase communication and safety within your organisation, please contact us.


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