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Harmonys Range Expands With Multizone Microphone and Updated GSM Device

Bodet’s Innovative IP/PoE Audio Alert System evolves for increased flexibility and functionality

Bodet is proud to announce the release of its new IP/PoE Multizone Microphone and updated GSM device for the Harmonys Audio Alert System. These are the latest entries in the growing Harmonys hardware range, as Bodet continually evolve their solutions for both new and existing customers.

Although the ability to zone sounders already exists with Harmonys, the new multizone microphone utilises unicast to give you even more flexibility and control over where you broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements. You can now even broadcast to just individual sounders.


To facilitate this new functionality, our software now contains a built-in directory enabling you to customise up to 500 entries, where each entry can be your choice of 1-4 individual sounders, a zone, or even a group of zones. These can then be named with a 50-character limit, with the microphone display scrolling to show the entry name before broadcast.


The new microphone also provides a visual status indicator for the sounders you are broadcasting to. This enables you to confirm system connectivity at-a-glance and ensure that the broadcast will be heard as expected.


Further hardware upgrades have been incorporated into the multizone microphone with the addition of automatic gain control, or AGC. This provides a consistent broadcast volume despite variances in recording conditions.



The latest version of our GSM device improves the ways in which alerts can be triggered or received by a mobile phone, and can support up to 50 mobile phone numbers. These allotted devices can be used to remotely trigger the broadcast of an audio alert through sounders across your premises. Up to three different audio alerts can be triggered via this method, such as lockdown, evacuation or fire. The GSM device can also send programmable SMS messages to these mobile numbers in the event of an emergency.


Harmonys is a five-in-one solution incorporating lockdown alert, class/shift change, PA functionality, synchronised clocks and streaming music. By combining IP/PoE hardware and PC software, it enables you to stay in contact with your staff, increasing safety and communication through customisable emergency alerts, scheduled broadcasts and live announcements.


To discuss how our Harmonys Audio Alert System can increase communication and safety in your organisation, please contact us.


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