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Newly Expanded Profil 700 Analogue Clock Range for the Transport Market

Bodet announces new analogue clock models in its Profil 700 range, designed specifically for railway stations and airports

Bodet is proud to announce the release of the Profil 750, 760 and 780, large analogue clocks for station platforms, concourses and airport terminals with long viewing distances and customisable options to meet the demands of the transport sector.

Since we design and manufacture all of our clocks in-house, it enables us to continually evolve our product range alongside the challenges facing each market sector. The transport industry is a specific focus for Bodet, and the expanded Profil 700 range has been created to meet its unique requirements for time display and synchronisation.


These new Profil 700 Analogue Clocks are highly durable with shock resistance, and can operate in either indoor or outdoor conditions. Temperature resistant within a range of -20C to 55C, IP54 and IP65 ratings ensure they are rainproof and can withstand high-pressure cleaning.


When it comes to design, the Profil 750, 760 and 780 match our existing Bodet Analogue Clocks with a simple and timeless design for clear readability. A lightweight aluminium frame ensures easy installation.


Where Bodet’s Synchronised Clocks particularly benefit customers is through our large range of customisable options on each clock model, and the expanded Profil 700 range is no different. Whatever your requirements, you can choose from a range of sizes, casings, hands, dials, clock glass and brackets. To increase visibility, the clocks can also be double sided and can feature internal lighting.



Time synchronisation can be handled via Impulse, AFNOR or NTP. Bodet’s Netsilon NTP Time Server is the perfect partner for our new Profil 700 Analogue Clocks. Not only does Netsilon increase accuracy, reliability and security when synchronising time across your network, it also enables NTP clocks to be monitored at unmanned sites, reducing maintenance costs. Alarm messages can be sent automatically for situations such as synchronisation failure, power failure or abnormal temperatures.


In addition to being ideal airport and railway clocks, the Profil 750, 760 and 780 are well suited for industrial, education and sports facilities. Wherever there is a requirement for durable, large clocks with long-distance readability, our expanded Profil 700 range will provide a clear, accurate and synchronised time display. With NTP Time Synchronisation, you also gain the ability to monitor your clocks remotely. Should you prefer Digital Clocks, we also supply a wide range of different models to fit all needs.


To discuss the right Synchronised Clock System for your organisation, and the benefits it can provide, please contact us.


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