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Bodet Launches an IP/POE public announcement and programmable audio bell system

New Integrated PA and Alerts System introduced by School Time Management Specialists

Harmonys bell system rangeHarmonys, a versatile network-based PA, audio and bell sounding system has just been launched by International time management specialists Bodet Ltd.


This new system uses Internet protocol to broadcast live or recorded announcements, emergency alerts or streamed background music throughout a school or up to 15 specific zones within the site. As it takes its power and data from an existing computer network, the Harmonys system requires minimal cabling and is quick and easy to install


Configured using Bodet's intuitive Sigma software the Harmonys system is simple to set up and can be easily programmed to schedule pre-recorded announcements, melody or bell alerts to one or more specified zones. Linking with Bodet's synchronous clock systems means a range of high quality bell sounds or pre-recoded announcements can be automatically broadcast at set times such as breaks, shift changes or end of day.


As well as 90dB wall or ceiling mounted sounders for internal use, the system can also be supplied with more powerful 110dB waterproof sounders for external use. Each of the sounders or zones of sounders can be programmed to broadcast personalised bell sounds or announcements. If a public announcement is made during a bell alert, the sounder memorises the bell sound which is then resumed immediately following the announcement.


The system is supplied with a central control box, which is used for manual activation of bell sounds, pre-recorded announcements or emergency procedure alerts, and a microphone from which live or pre-recorded announcements can be broadcast. The microphone system can be configured so that a jingle is played to alert the audience that an announcement is about to be broadcast. Both these components, sounders and future system extensions can be connected via any PC terminal on the network. In addition to CDs, SD cards and memory sticks, the system is compatible with all types of audio sources such as WebRadio and Webmusic so it can be used for streaming background music when it's not being used as a PA system.


As it uses an existing network, Harmonys is ideal not only for schools, large offices, warehouses, shops and supermarkets, but also for multi-site organisations such as hospitals, sports and leisure centres, food preparation and manufacturing sites.


For further technical information, please contact us.

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