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Let Bodet help you through the most miserable day of the year

January 18th 2016 (the third Monday in January) is Blue Monday this year, known as the worst day of the year. Instead of Blue Monday being a day when engagement and motivation is at an all time low, why not use it as a clarion call to boost productivity and staff morale? Bodet’s Time and Attendance Solutions can help your efforts.

Blue Monday is a phrase coined by Dr Cliff Arnall, of Cardiff University, calculated by a range of factors such as personal debt, weather and failed New Year’s resolutions, to indicate the day when morale is at its lowest. January and Mondays are traditionally peak times for worker absences, which convert into huge lost profits for firms, and Blue Monday is the culmination.

Flexible working time is one of the main sought after benefits by workers, as we’ve previously detailed. With a Time and Attendance System installed, you can commit to flexible working hours without having to put any extra strain on your HR department. January is a great time to make changes for the year ahead, and introduce new working practices to benefit your staff and boost engagement.

Also, if you use our Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminals, you can post a motivational message to your workforce, detailing your plans for the year ahead, highlighting key objectives and how their role fits into achieving them.

If absenteeism is a problem for your company in January, with our Absence Management Software Module you can monitor absences and use certain KPIs such as the Bradford Factor to flag up cases of persistent sick leave. This allows you to support staff members who may be suffering from stress before it becomes chronic.

Our expert staff would be happy to visit your organisation to discuss your Time and Attendance needs in person. To arrange a visit, or if you have any questions, please contact us.



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