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Bodet’s New Industrial Emergency Alert System

New Industrial Emergency Alert System

Stay safe and informed within a factory or industrial setting with Bodet’s Industrial Emergency Alert System

Bodet have adapted its existing Harmonys Hardware System range, which functions on an existing IT network, to produce an extensive Emergency Alert System. This is designed with an industrial setting in mind, where a number of emergency situations could arise, each requiring a different response from staff.

Bodet’s Industrial Emergency Alert System combines Harmonys Sounders with a range of wired and remote trigger methods. Through these, it is capable of instantly broadcasting a range of distinct emergency alerts across your whole premises. These tell your staff exactly how to react, whether evacuation is required, or whether employees need to to follow a set procedure and assemble at different muster points. Since the system works on Power over Ethernet (PoE), installation is simple and easy.


Bodet’s range of trigger methods has recently been expanded, giving you more options which can be combined for the specific requirements of your premises. Our Multi-button Control Panel can broadcast a variety of alerts on button press. A wireless remote control can be used to broadcast up to 4 different alerts, with a range of up to 1km from the receiver, and acknowledgement of receipt is given upon activation.


Harmonys Notify, an app for smartphones and PCs, acts as a virtual control panel and enables a range of alerts to be broadcast. Lastly, with a GSM Control Box, an alert can be triggered by phonecall, along with SMS messages sent to registered numbers upon alert. Additional Control Boxes allow for additional alerts to be triggered.


Emergency Alert System From Bodet


Bodet’s Industrial Emergency Alert Solution can also be part of an Industrial Bell System, providing you synchronised factory bells and clocks, PA functionality, music streaming such as web radio and automatic control over building systems such as Access Control, heating and lighting.


If you would like a demonstration of our Industrial Emergency Alert System, or have any questions, please contact us.



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