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School Lockdown Alert Methods

School Lockdown Alert News

Government recommendation to avoid using Fire Alarm for Lockdown

How does your school communicate a lockdown situation? Whether it’s a partial lockdown, occurring when an incident is reported in the local community, or a full lockdown arising from an immediate threat to the school, it’s vitally important that your school is ready to communicate the need for lockdown clearly and quickly to all staff and pupils.

The Government has published an advisory guide on lockdown for organisations, via the NPCC (the National Police Chiefs’ Council). Various different methods of communicating an emergency lockdown alert exist, but the Government specifically recommends avoiding the use of fire alarms to reduce the incorrect response to an incident. They also recommend that regular tests are conducted, alongside regularly refreshing training and checking staff understanding, so that in the event of an incident, the response is quick and effective.


It’s also important to remember that lockdown situations can arise due to all manner of different occurrences. As well as an intruder being reported on school premises, the following events could all result in triggering a full or partial lockdown:

  • A reported incident / civil disturbance in the local community with the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils in the school
  • A threat of air pollution, such as a smoke plume, gas cloud or chemical, biological or radiological contaminants
  • A major fire in the vicinity of the school
  • The close proximity of a dangerous dog roaming loose


Bodet’s dedicated School Lockdown Alert System allows you to broadcast a unique lockdown emergency alert, separate to other alerts such as fire or class change. It even allows you to differentiate between a full or partial lockdown, allowing instant, concise communication to all staff and pupils across your whole school premises


If you would like a free demonstration, please contact us to arrange a site visit so we can tailor a Lockdown Solution to the specific needs of your school.


 Lockdown Alert System



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