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New Harmonys Bell System Expansion

Harmonys Bell System Pack 2 Web

Bodet is pleased to announce the expansion of its Harmonys range of Class Change, Lockdown Alert & Factory Bell Systems with Pack 2

Bodet is constantly improving its range of Synchronised Clock & Bell Solutions, both in terms of additional hardware and functionality. Following on from internal development guided by feedback from our customers, we are now pleased to announce the release of Harmonys Pack 2, which expands the existing Harmonys Bell System range.

Harmonys is Bodet's IP/POE Bell System, with an advanced range of aesthetically pleasing ceiling or wall mounted sounders functioning on your existing IT network. Harmonys Pack 2 builds on its core features, giving you even more functionality and control.


When it comes to Lockdown, Harmonys Pack 2 brings a number of new methods for triggering a lockdown alert across your school or organisation. As well as the existing multi-button control panel which connects to your IT network, we now offer the following options:

 Harmonys Lockdown Trigger Range

  • Wireless remote control, with a range of up to 1km (subject to interference) and acknowledgement of receipt on button press.
  • GSM Control Box, giving you the ability to trigger an alert by phonecall, and also send SMS messages to registered numbers upon alert.
  • Harmonys Notify, a PC and smartphone app which acts as a virtual control panel to trigger alerts (smartphones must be on the same VLAN as the Harmonys System)


Pack 2 also includes additional hardware. Harmonys Flash is a visual alert indicator, ideal for SEN schools or when a low impact option is preferable to audio. Harmonys Line provides connection to an induction loop, audible to those wearing hearing aids.


As well as Harmonys Notify, two further applications are also now available, Harmonys Stream and Harmonys Talk. Harmonys Stream is a PC application allowing audio content to be streamed without needing access to the full version of Bodet’s Sigma software. This means additional users can control the streaming of audio without needing access to the configuration of your Bell System. Harmonys Talk is a smartphone application which allows you to record and then broadcast announcements from your phone.

Harmonys Bell System Range

 Harmonys is available as a Class Change System, a Lockdown Alert System and an Industrial Bell System.


If you would like more information on how the features of our Harmonys Bell System such as a dedicated Lockdown Alert, can benefit your school or organisation, please contact us and we would be happy to demonstrate it to you in person.



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