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School Lockdown: Incident at St Peter’s Academy, Stoke-on-Trent

School Lockdown News

A threatening gang attempting to access school grounds results in school going into lockdown

The school in Fenton was put in Lockdown on 8th February after a threatening gang of youths attempted to access school grounds.

This occurred at the end of the school day, shortly before 3pm, and police were called to ensure that pupils were able to leave school premises safely. It is reported that the events were linked to an attempted assault on two students at the school the day before.


Two PCSOs from Staffordshire Police were attending the school to reassure pupils and staff following those events, but additional forces were sent when the gang arrived.


Michael Astley, principal of St Peter’s Academy said “All students still in the building went into their nearest classroom and some students who had already left the building but were still on the academy site were directed back into the building.


"We had six members of the public, not connected to the academy, approaching from Victoria Road who the police deemed to be a threat. We remained in lockdown for approximately 20 minutes, before students were released to make their way home.


“The school was put into lockdown because the safety of our students is paramount. We would like to thank the students and staff for the mature way they conducted themselves."


The school confirmed that the incident passed safely, and police are now investigating.


A dedicated Lockdown Alert System can be critical in emergency situations, so that a clear and concise message can be instantly broadcast across your whole school premises. This way, staff and pupils know exactly how to react. Current government advice on lockdown recommends using a system separate to your fire alarm, to avoid confusion.


For a free demonstration of Bodet’s Lockdown Alert Solution, which broadcasts a dedicated Lockdown Alert across your whole school at the touch of a button, please contact us.


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