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Bodet’s Harmonys System and School Sports Days

Harmonys System & School Sports Day

PA System functionality and streaming music at your school events without additional hardware

At this time of year, many schools run outdoor events, such as sports days. Bodet’s Harmonys System can be used as a PA System on these occasions, without the need for additional equipment.

As the school calendar approaches the end of the Summer term, it’s the time of year when many outdoor extracurricular events occur, such as sports days and school fetes. On these occasions, schools require some kind of PA System which can be used to broadcast announcements over a wide area. In the past, schools have often had to hire or even purchase additional equipment for this purpose, which then isn’t required for most of the year. However, with Bodet’s Harmonys System, if you already have a microphone and external sounders within range, no additional equipment is required.


Bodet's Harmonys is a five-in-one IP/POE Sounder System which incorporates Lockdown Alerts, Class Change, Synchronised Clocks, PA functionality and music streaming. The system operates on your existing IT network, which means that our microphone unit can simply be plugged in to any network point, allowing you to broadcast live or pre-recorded announcements. Zoning control means you can broadcast these messages to specific customised areas of your school, such as external areas only. Harmonys even allows you to stream music such as web radio or mp3 files too, so you can have music playing throughout events or other occasions in between your announcements.


Bodet Harmonys & School Sports Day


Bodet have recently expanded the Harmonys product range, so the newly released Harmonys Talk smartphone app allows you to record a message and then broadcast it remotely if the smartphone is on the same network as the Harmonys System.


If you are considering a Lockdown Alert System or upgrading your existing Class Change System, remember that you can purchase a multi-function system allowing you to have increased functionality in addition to the ability to broadcast an emergency alert or class change notification.


If you would like to see how Bodet’s Lockdown Alert or Class Change System can be tailored to the specific requirements of your school, please contact us and we would be happy to visit you for a free demonstration.



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